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Nikos Anagnostakis: “Ink Whispers”

New Book Whispers from Ink by Nikos Anagnostakis, published by Ogdoo Publications, is an anthology of texts about culture and life, music and the social and cultural processes that have taken place in Greek society over the last six decades.


The author, businessman, intellectual, lyricist, collector and inspirer and creator of the Ogdoo Music Group, with a fixed reference point and axis of Greek song, deals in his lyrics with the faces and emblems of the Greek culture that has in our country leaving a timeless stigma.

He brings forth memories – personal and collective – and vividly and vividly describes events he witnessed, citing unknown information and comments with his particularly penetrating view and approach, the social development during a historical period in Greece that was influenced by the search for a Balance between extroversion and extroversion is shaped by cultural tradition.

Eleftheriou, Gatsos, Papadopoulos, Spanos, Loizos, Kilaidonis, Dalaras, Nikolopoulos and dozens of other personalities who have shaped Greek song and culture jump out through the special gaze of the author who was lucky enough to know them pages of the volume and to get in touch with them personally and professionally. Symbolic records of the Greek repertoire, popular cinema, radio, cafes, refreshment bars, comics, cinema, performances and concerts find their place in the pages of the book, while there are also numerous references to international events and personalities, they have written their own history in these decades.

A book tour full of memories and nostalgia, an immersion in the small and large important things that shape our shared cultural heritage and give it substance.

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