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Nikos Karvelas: Noosophie Quaere Ratioem

Noosophy is definitely one of those books that is considered heretical. Nikos Karvelas’ noosophical theory openly clashes with the establishment’s superpowers and proposes a completely new way of life. A way of life based on the harmonious coexistence of brain functions and a language free from all ancestral moral viruses.


This world is not made of glass, but it is certainly fragile. Nobody ever threw a stone at him. The truth is that there are no stones. There are only ideas. This world is made up of ideas. That is why the fragile world has never broken. Noosophy speaks neither with ideas nor about ideas. He does not speak in hollow words full of delusions. Noosophy calls on women to destroy the fragile world of ancient ideas with words of stone. Noosophy asks women to look for the deepest reason for their existence in the stone words.

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