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Nonika Galinea has died

THE Nonika Galinea She breathed her last at the age of 84, a few days before celebrating her birthday. Cosmographer Christina Politis announced the unpleasant news on her Instagram.

“Goodbye, dear Nonika. You were truly one of a kind.” He wrote that Nonika Galinea was a legend.

When will her funeral be?

Nonika Galinea’s funeral will take place on Tuesday, June 6, at 1 p.m. at the First Cemetery. The family urgently requests that no cameras enter the cemetery grounds.

It was Galinea’s wish that after her death the money would be donated instead of wreaths to the purposes of the “The Actor’s House” foundation.


Who was Nonika Galinea?
THE Nonika (Antigone) Galinea was born on June 8, 1938 in Athens. She was an actress, author, translator and entrepreneur.

Her father was Petros Galineas, a lawyer from Kardamili in Mani who was a director of Agios Georgios Mills. He later maintained an office on Nikis Street, where he managed the assets of the Mytarakis family, from which his second wife came. mother of Theodosia (Dorette) Karaiosisfoglou (1912-2010), who married after her divorce from Petros Galineas Alexandros Panagiotopoulos with whom she had a son. Her third husband was a shipowner and banker Stratis Andreadis (1905-1989).


THE Nonika Galinea He attended Makri Elementary School and moved to Florence at the age of 14. The following year he attended the English school Montre-Satelard School in Switzerland and at the age of 18 he enrolled at Densons Secretarial College in London. He then studied at the Weber Douglas School of Singing and Drama Arts.

Her great career, London and the palace
Her career began in 1963 with exams at the art theater, where she had her first appearance in Aristophanes’ Hens. He worked with him Charles Kuhn, her Katina Paxinoshim Dimitris HornThe Anna Sinodinouhim Alexis Minoti, him Dimitris Myrat etc.

From 1969 he lived and worked with Alekos Alexandrakis. Together they founded two theaters, the Ilisia Theater and the Ilisia Studio.

He subsequently worked with the National Theater, the State Theater of Northern Greece and the Amphitheater, while also undertaking numerous collaborations with the Athens Concert Hall and performances at the Great and Little Epidaurus and Covent Garden in London.

He has collaborated with renowned artists such as Minos Volanakis, Yiannis Kokkos, Spyros Evaggelatos, Michalis Kakogiannis, Andreas Voutsinas, Stuart Burge, Dionysis Fotopoulos, Theoni Vachliotis-Aldridge, Nikos Petropoulos, etc.

During all these years she has lived a large part of her time in London. He has translated seventeen plays, many of which have been published. She has published her autobiography in a book entitled My Life (Livani Publications 2005) and the book Return (Ianos Publications, 2007).

In 2006 she was awarded the “Kyveli” Prize for her contribution to Greek theater.

She is the first Greek woman to work continuously in the theater for 50 years, the first Greek actress to appear in English at London’s Covent Garden and the only one to appear six times at the Athens Concert Hall.

The wedding with Nikos Moutousi
Nonika Galinea married the neurologist Nikos Moutousi. The two lived in Paris for five years, where they had three twin daughters together Alexia And Arietta And Maria Amalia.

Monica Galinea with her daughter Amalia. (Photo from Amalia Moutousi’s Instagram)


Nonika Galinea with her daughter Arietta Mutousi

The stormy love affair with Alekos Alexandrakis
Alekos Alexandrakis and Nonika Galinea were one of the most popular couples in life and theater for more than twenty years.

About their meeting, Nonika Galinea said: “We met in the summer of 1969 when we first worked in Great Years by Georgios Roussos at the Metropolitan Theater on Alexandra Avenue. I had been separated for a long time and at this point my divorce was finally underway. Alekos was always the first to arrive at rehearsal and the last to leave. I knew he was married and had a little boy. We had never exchanged a word other than “good morning,” and since I didn’t dare look at him, I went behind him and looked at his neck and hair. He was very nice. I was very attracted, but I never thought that one day, soon, we would be a couple. I didn’t even think he liked me. When he first spoke to me at rehearsal he said, “Summer with Monica.” I told him, “Only my name is Nonika.” And he answered me, “I know.”

Alexandrakis-Galinea: The acquaintance and the beginning of the relationship

The dishonest man said nothing and I felt even worse. I told myself: “Resist, defend yourself, you will become resilient…”. What I felt grew from day to day.”.

At the “Metropolitan” Theater, Galinea shared her dressing room Niki Triantafyllidisthe protagonist of the piece. “I didn’t understand that he couldn’t stand me. He looked like an angel on earth, but he must have sensed that Alexandrakis liked me. One night, Saturday, June 29, 1969, he came out of our dressing room, locked me in and left. Started screaming. There was no way the security guard could hear me. Even though he wore headphones, he was deaf. And Alexandrakis heard me from the paddock, two blocks away, where he had picked up his car. He went back and opened it for me along with the security guard because the other one was locked. I told him I didn’t have a car, even though I did have one, a Triumph convertible two-seater that I had just bought. I had it in the same paddock as him, but since Alekos also lived in Glyfada, he took me to Asteras tis Glyfada. On the way, I was shaking all over from the tracks and thought I was going crazy. When he got out of the car to say goodnight, I said to him (I don’t even know how dare I say it), “Kiss me.” He said to me, “You better leave it alone,” and the next thing , what I remember is that we were under a tree while the cars drove by in a row and flashed their lights at us…


Even though he was married and his wife was pregnant, “I had a romantic relationship!”
Soon Alexandraki’s marriage became a thing of the past. “He left his house and came to live with me. His wife, a very decent person, returned to Switzerland with their two children.

The couple were inseparable in life and in the theater for more than twenty years, making history with performances such as Every year on such a day, Category Witness, New Page.

In 1986, the theater couple settled in the “Ilissia” theater, which they completely renovated. Performances that defined an era were performed there, including the Return of the old lady and that Sensitive balance. However, the cycle closed in the early 1990s. “Alekos and I broke up with a lot of anger, always maintained a very meaningful relationship and dealt with our breakup with truth and respect.” This saved our relationship.

THE Alekos Alexandrakis after Nonica closed as a man because he preferred to travel alone after the separation. “I felt like I was mature enough to move on with another woman by my side.” he said in an interview.

He also had a great-grandchild
your granddaughter, Nonica ChapelaShe gave birth to her first child, a healthy girl, on June 8, 2019. 26-year-old Nonika is the daughter of Alexia Moutousi, the twin sister of actress Arietta Moutousi.

Nonika Galineas’ three girls come from her first marriage to Nikos Moutoussi. He has three grandchildren. The firstborn Michalis, son of Arietta and two girls from Alexia, 26 and 23 years old.

The 26-year-old who gave her name to her famous grandmother studied theater and fine arts in Paris and works as a model.

The problem she had with her health in 2020
In November 2020, she had health problems and spoke about it. “I’m lying in my bed because I’m sick. I had a problem with my stomach. “I got the flu shot yesterday and I feel worse,” the well-known actress admitted.

When asked if he was afraid of death, he said: “Of course I’m afraid of him. I fear him to the extent that any normal person who wants to live would fear him.

The coronavirus pandemic has been particularly stressful for the actress, who says she is taking all necessary precautions to protect herself: “Of course I’m afraid of getting infected with the coronavirus, so I’m taking all the necessary precautions” he said.

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