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Noor’s magic brush

The children’s train sceneTheater the train on the roof renews its successful collaboration with the talented ViDa team for the 2023-24 winter theater season and presents the original theater performance for the second time “Noor’s Magic Brush” for children aged 5 to 10 in the separate theater car of the unique Train Theater.

The show “Noor’s Magic Brush” is an enchanting journey through emotions and colors with paintings that come to life before our eyes, a story full of adventure in a dreamlike atmosphere where anything can happen as long as we let our imagination run wild!

A girl, Noor, flees her war-torn country of Guernica. She sets off on a train journey alone, hoping that it will take her to a place where she can live freely. As exhausted as she is, she falls asleep. Two brothers are traveling on the same train and, without realizing it, suddenly find themselves in the girl’s dream! There they meet the chatty magician, the four-legged cat and the magic brush in a colorful “surrealist” world full of magnificent paintings that come to life! But to get out of each painting, they must overcome increasingly complex obstacles… They transform into Picasso’s blue harlequins, enter the blinding yellow world of Vincent van Gogh, chat with the Mona Lisa and finally manage to open the big red door by Rothko – and who knows what lies ahead!

On this original theatrical journey, young audiences discover that imagination gives them the resources they need to search for their dreams. They learn to find a solution where there seems to be a dead end, and when they are called upon to overcome their fears, then all together they discover the joy of collaboration and the great value of friendship.

Will the girl from Guernica succeed in making her dream come true? And what happens at the last train station? The show is enriched with original music and songs, impressive video projections that transform the theater car and create a feast of images and colors!

Concept, text, direction: screw group

Movement: Pepi Zacharopoulou

Original music: Maki’s Papagavriel

Stage sets, costumes, visual design of printed matter: Smaragda Kafetzi

Animation graphics: Nikolaia Genegeorgiou

Lightning design: Vassilis Klotsotiras

photos: Iakovos Drakoulis, Iason Kafetzis

Assistant director: Nina Adamopoulou

production: screw group

They play: Vicky Kalpaka, Dafni Kafetzi, Yiannis Mastrogiannis

A few words about the Vida team:

The newly founded theater group ViDa consists of the actress and theater teacher Vicky Kalpaka and the actress, musician and psychologist Dafni Kafetzis. You have a distinguished career in theater and particular experience teaching theater to children. The ViDa Group was founded with the aim of conducting theater performances for children and adults and to research and strive for innovations in theater and art. In the show “Noor’s Magic Brush” she collaborates with a group of experienced and young talented artists.


Theater wagon
Every Sunday at 11:30 a.m. (performances from October 22nd, 2023)
General admission €10

Advance ticket purchase required:
– Electronics

– By telephone at 2117700000
– physical points of sale (by booking online or by calling 211770000)

Daily morning shows for schools (9:30 a.m. and 11 a.m.)

In the Train Theater, the Train on the Roof also operates a Wagon Bar & Wagon Restaurant for food and drinks.
For reservations, you can call 6937604988 & 2105298922 daily from 6 p.m. and online at and

Train Theater the train on the roof
Tel. 6937604988 & 2105298922 daily from 6 p.m.
Ruf Railway & Suburban Station, Konstantinoupoleos Ave.
10 minutes walk from METRO Kerameikos and Agia Markella stop (buses 813, 026).

Free parking spaces

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