“Oasis will only reunite for money, never for charity” - Wishevoke

“Oasis will only reunite for money, never for charity”

O Noel Gallagher He’s the type of guy who always speaks his mind, often with a lot of arrogance, but also with humor.

The former Oasis frontman said something few would admit in a new interview with Q magazine to promote his second solo album, Chasing Yesterday: “An Oasis reunion remains a possibility. Of course, no one approached us with a suggestion. Oasis will only reunite for a large sum of money. What I’m saying, I’m not advertising that of course we will do it. As long as we’re all alive and all have our hair, maybe we will. Just for the money…”

The 47-year-old Brit said he wouldn’t do it for charity (“We’re not like that.”!) and as for the Glastonbury festival, he thinks they can’t pay them what they want!

Of course, in the same interview he emphasizes that these reunions are useless and mentioned the case of the Stone Roses, who were all pushing for a reunion and when they did, no one talked about them anymore. “The English have this mentality. Middle-aged people want to look at Led Zeppelin, the Smiths, the Jam and us and say, “Well, they ain’t as good as they used to be.”

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