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Offspring guitarist talks about “Smash” hit

Your guitarist offspring, Kevin “Noodles” Wasserman spoke on a radio show about the huge success of “Smash” in 1994. The Offspring’s third album alongside Green Day’s “Dookie” is considered responsible for the success and commercial revival of punk rock in the mid-90s.

«It was a crazy time for us because we went from being a ten-year-old band playing in underground clubs and traveling around the country in a van with no one knowing us, to suddenly starting to travel the world and to the fullest to do timeNoodles said.

«When “Smash” came out, we were on the road for a year and a half straight. So it was different. When we went back into the studio and wrote “Ixnay On The Hombre,” everyone was waiting for our second record, even though it was our fourth album. We tried not to react – not to try to prove our punk or pop/rock authenticity. “Let’s just do whatever we want.” And I think we did it pretty well. We then continued the tour. Next was “Americana,” which was also huge. And after that it was a lot of funthe Offspring guitarist continued.

“Smash” sold over six million records in the United States. and eleven million worldwide. The first single from the album “Come out and play“became No. 1 on the modern rock charts in 1994 and was followed by two more top 10 hits”Self-esteem” And “I have to go“.

Some time ago the offspring announced their tenth album titled “Let The Bad Times Roll” from which they released this title of the same name.

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