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Oleanna is presented for the second time under the direction of Philippos Sofianos

THE Oleanna one of the Pulitzer Prize-winning American author’s most provocative texts David Mamet presented for the second time under his direction Philip Sofianou.

The show is enough premiere at October 19th in the theatre Curtain at Thessaloniki and from October 31st Everyone is introduced Monday And Tuesday in the theatre Comfort. At the same time he will conduct a small tour in selected cities across Greece.

Written one year after the first U.S. sexual harassment trial – premiered in May 1992 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with the Back Bay Theater troupe. In 1993 it was performed to great acclaim at the Royal Court Theater under the direction of Nobel Prize winner Harold Pinter. In 1994, Mamet himself transferred his work to the cinema under the same title, and although it provoked different reactions from both feminist organizations and academic circles for completely different reasons, it is still constantly played and problematic. David Mamet, one of the most famous writers, screenwriters and directors, is known for his precise use of the American language and his interest in the relationship between language and behavior.

In Oleanna, its protagonists, a university professor and a young student, are involved in a game of deep confrontation that makes any communication between them impossible, as their need for power and security dominates everything else.

The reason for this verbal power play, which will lead to misunderstandings, is the letter from the student Carol and the suggestion from Professor John to carry out a reclassification after special meetings outside the prescribed rules of the apparently democratic university. The professor denigrates his student by questioning the possibilities of education, and she questions his privilege and will report him for harassment. It is a powerful text about political correctness that examines the relationship between language and behavior and attempts to penetrate the depths of power.

The show
According to the director, the show is a starting and finishing point for #MeToo. It is a shocking story that will often confuse you, divide you and create serious uncertainty about your judgment. The project is a machine for generating questions that stay with the viewer for days after watching the show. Questions that are more relevant than ever today, in 2022. How can one person so innocently destroy another’s future? How much does the collective influence individual consciousness? How can a friendly gesture lead to harassment? Could it actually be? Does she have power?

It is important to note that when David Mamet wrote this work in 1992, it provoked many reactions. Critics viewed the play as a right-wing polemic against political correctness, while Mamet became a symbol of toxic masculinity for leftists. Today, however, after the #metoo outbreak in Greece, we may be ready for a re-read.

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