Online self-portrayal according to Ariane Heloise Hughes - Wishevoke

Online self-portrayal according to Ariane Heloise Hughes

April is just around the corner, with spring there is so much to do. Out ofArt and Design Week From Milan up to Venice Biennale. We have selected all the events, exhibitions and dates for you that you should not miss according to the editorial team of which can accompany you throughout the month. But for the detailed instructions of the Milan Design Week You’ll have to wait a little longer, Sign up for the newsletter so you don’t miss it.


#1 MIA Photo Fair, at Allianz MiCo from April 11th to 14th – MILAN

In program from Thursday 11th to Sunday 14th April 2024, MIA photo fair Under the artistic direction of Francesca Malgara, 100 exhibitors, 8 exhibitions and special projects, 4 awards and over 70 galleries from Italy and abroad will be presented. This year the MIA Photo Fair takes place with the XIII. Issued on the same days as Miart for ALLIANZ MiCo.

#2 Miart, at Allianz MiCo from April 12th to 14th – MILAN

Curated by Nicola Ricciardi and organized by Milan Fair, miart and that International Fair for Modern and Contemporary Art in Milan, characterized by a wide chronological range of artworks. It presents a selection of masterpieces from the early 20th century, from artists such as Balla and de Chirico to Schiele and Picabia, as well as new productions by some of the most influential contemporary artists, including David Hockney, Francis Alys, Rosa Barba e Monica Bonvicini.

#3 PARMA 360, festival of contemporary creativity HOMO DEUS edited by Chiara Canali and Camilla Mineo from April 6th to May 19th, 2024 – PARMA

HOMO DEUS is the key word of the eighth edition of PARMA 360 Festival of contemporary creativityedited by Chiara Canali e Camilla Mineo. Five major exhibitions of painting, sculpture, illustration and digital art e new media are set up in dialogue with churches and historic buildings in the city of Parma on a route spread throughout the territory with the aim of enhance the city’s historical and artistic heritage and propose to the public unprecedented visions e Perspectives contemporary creativity.

#4 A kind of beautySolo exhibition by Gabriele Micalizzi edited by Tiziana Castelluzzo April 4th to June 28th, 2024, from 29 ARTS IN PROGRESS Gallery – MILANO

Photojournalist Gabriele Micalizzi’s powerful photographs offer a unique perspective on global conflicts, starting with Arab revolutions to current events in Ukraine and Palestine. His work goes beyond mere documentation to explore the depths of the human experience in the midst of adversity.

#5 An ontological house by LUIGI SERAFINI until August 25, 2024 at the Macro Museum – ROME

An ontological house It is conceived as an extended work, an environment in which Serafini has created a Meta portrait that carries in the museum his imaginative attitude through the Reworking the interiors of his Roman house.

#6 In Between Art Film Foundation presents Fog a collective exhibition at the Ospedaletto complex from April 17th to November 24th – VENICE

On the occasion 60th International Art Exhibition, The Venice Biennaleil Hospital complex the gifts Fogedited by Alessandro Rabottini e Leonardo Bigazzi. The exhibition will present eight new site-specific video installations instructed, Giorgio Andreotta Calò, Basel Abbas e Ruanne Abou-Rahme, Saodat Ismailova, Cynthia Marcelle e Tiago Mata Machado, Diego Marcon, Basir Mahmood, Ari Benjamin Meyers e Christian Nyampeta.

#7 Off script, personal exhibition of Magali Reus, curated by Federico Giani, in the spaces of the Museo del Novecento, presented by the Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation. From April 10th to June 30th – MILAN

During Milan Art Week Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation presented in the rooms of Museum of the 20th Century from Milan Off scriptthe solo exhibition of the Dutch artist Magali Reus (The Hague, 1981), winner of the VIIth edition of Arnaldo Pomodoro Prize for Sculpture. Produced in collaboration with the Museum of the 20th Centurythe exhibition, published by Federico Gianishows a selection of the artist’s latest sculptures Clementinea series that takes its visual inspiration from Jars with jam and preserves the family tradition.

#8 MEGAPIXEL, the widespread festival of graphics, photography and video from April 5th to 7th in the districts of Ticino, Nolo, Bullona and Città Studi – MILAN

Born to strengthen Milan’s creative scene through a weekend of performances, lectures and workshops in various locations around the city the first edition of MEGAPIXELorganized by The method, an agency specializing in communication strategies and creative campaigns. It will be MEGAPIXEL a broad-based festival that will transcend traditional boundaries to strengthen the city’s arts industry.

#9 A bed of branchesPersonal exhibition of Giulia Mangoni, in dialogue with the architect Valerio Panella – from April 9th ​​to June 6th at ArtNoble Gallery – MILAN

For his second solo exhibition ArtNoble GalleryMangoni develops the history of memory of the Ciociaro territory, which began with the exhibition Bits and cream. Archive Metabolization in 2021, go into detail a magical-realistic vision where the rural world and its characters come to life between material installations and oil paintings.

#10 TRILOGY at gallery number 51 x Eunoia Gallery from April 4th to June 2nd 2024 – MILAN

The exhibition trilogy at Numero 51 concept gallery was created in collaboration with Eunoia Gallery from Osaka and wants to become one Exploring contemporary female artistic dynamics. The work of Jazz Szu-Ying Chen, Yuka Mori e Yuka NishihisamatsuAlthough rooted in the traditions of their respective countries of origin, they transcend geographical boundaries to explore universal themes such as superstition, identity, religion and the life cycle.

#11 Contemporary archive exhibition by April 12th to May 12th, 2024 in Mattatoio – ROWN

Contemporary archive It is an immersive museum experience with the dynamic and multidisciplinary identity of a festival: installations, educational activities, Exhibitions and audiovisual performances.

#12 MEGA Art Fair, the emerging art fair of Scalo Porta Genova from April 10th to 14th – MILAN

#13 Eataly Art House the gifts And they laughed at me the artist’s personal exhibition Newsha Tavakolian from April 9th ​​to August 31st – VERONA

Prize winner Photography grant from Deloittethe Iranian artist Newsha Tavakolian presents his personal exhibition at the headquarters of Eataly Art House From Verona. The exhibition And they laughed at me features a series of negatives, recording and printing errors recovered from the artist’s personal archive, with the aim of highlighting the events that both told and shaped the history of Iran. A new setup, where more than 40 archive photos are presentedwhich were previously rejected by the artist herself, but to which she now attaches a completely different meaning, which will form the focus of the exhibition.

#14 Ghëddo and Crag Gallery present Burnout. Little Monsters and Lullabies, solo exhibition by Giorgia Pia, from April 6th to 19th – TURIN

The personal exhibition of Giorgia Pia it is designed as Journey to the edges of the non-human. Through three narrative moments, the project forms one hybrid bestiary in which plants, animals and people contaminate each other and negotiate their place in the world.


Challengers by Luca Guadagnino, from April 25th – IN ALL CINEMAS

RIPLEY miniseries from April 4th on NETFLIX

The drama mini-series is based on the best-selling books by Patricia Highsmith of which Tom Ripley he is the protagonist. A con artist finds himself in a world of wealth and privilege after accepting a special assignment in Italy. But in order to live the life he wants, he must weave a web of lies.


The arrival of spring coincides with its beginning Indie evenings outdoorsthat’s why we asked about it @musicettabenedetta Some of the unmissable concerts in Milan can be found in his calendar Week after week.

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