“Passenger 23” is the new crime novel by Sebastian Fitzek - Wishevoke

“Passenger 23” is the new crime novel by Sebastian Fitzek

THE “Passenger 23» is his new crime novel Sebastian Fitzekwhich is published by Dioptra Publications on October 4th.

The official summary of the book is as follows:
Every year around twenty people disappear from cruise ships at sea. None of them ever resurfaced. Until now…

Martin Schwartz, an undercover police detective, lost his wife and son while traveling on the cruise ship Sultan of the Seas five years ago, and no one could tell him exactly what happened. Since then, Martin has been a rascal, trying to forget his pain by taking part in deadly undercover police operations. During one such operation, he receives a call from a strange old woman who claims to be a thriller author. She tells him that he must board the Sultan because there is evidence of what happened to his people.

Martin never intended to set foot on a ship again, but he finally does. So he finds out that a girl who disappeared from the cruise ship a few weeks ago has reappeared – and she is holding his son’s teddy bear in her arms…

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