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Pavlos Pavlidis meets Yiannis Markopoulos

The musical performance that shook the water on the roof’s central stage will be uploaded to the Onassis Foundation’s digital channel so we can relive their experience and travel “across the sea.”

Something unexpected in February 2023 musical meeting unfolded on Stegi’s main stage, full of memories, strong emotions, but also unexplored soundscapes. Pavlos Pavlidis breathed new life into 16 of Yannis Markopoulos’ most important songs, placing them in a modern sound environment enriched with electro and synthesizer sounds, loops and polyphony, taking care not to deviate from their deep essence. By keeping the messages of yesterday’s songs unchanged and adapting them sonically from the 1960s to today, Pavlos Pavlidis, directed by Christos Sarris, created a musical performance that looks as if it was made by the future for the future. The show will be available on the Onassis Foundation digital channel from March 31st so we can travel “across the sea” again and again.

The collaboration between the two musicians began in 2019, when the composer’s daughter, Lenga Markopoulou, Pavlos Pavlidis conveyed her father’s wish to cover his songs. “One can say that Markopoulos succeeds and makes the unimaginable sound normal, unites the East with the West and redefines Greek by opening horizons,” was the musician’s answer. Pavlidis has great collaborators at his side who give him his stamp and special style, combining them harmoniously with the unique artistic signature of the internationally recognized composer Yiannis Markopoulos, but also with appropriate images that complement his futuristic character “Across the sea”tells a story from the future in this concert.

Pinelopi Gerasimou

A musical journey. 16 songs from the future

Christos Sarris has created a strange visual environment that accompanies the show: a futuristic metascape in which people keep searching for a better future across the sea. A triptych of images and videos about human violence leading to displacement, the constant fluidity of gender identity, a look into the future of migration and the effects of climate change. Social issues of today, yesterday and tomorrow accompany the performance and urge us to immerse ourselves in a universe in which time no longer flows. The remains of a future civilization that no longer exists. And suddenly, always looking towards the future, the composer’s work is once again ahead of his and our time.

Pinelopi Gerasimou

The great “our” Pavlos Pavlidis is responsible for many of the most beautiful and important songs in Greek music of the last thirty years, as he, as leader of the Wooden Swords, has contributed to a formative intersection of local youth culture today, which is now in its third decade an idiosyncratic and varied solo career.

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