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Penelope Delta’s boyfriend at the New Academy

After the great success of “The Treasure of Vagia”, the children’s theater – Athanasia Kalogiannis is staging her top work of children’s literature Penelope Delta“The guy” at the Neos Akadimos Theater. It is the story of a little dog who, through comical episodes and adventurous twists, is confronted with truth and lies, right and wrong, the value of friendship and companionship, and decides to face injustice together with his loved ones.

The Maga case
The Vasiotaki family moves from Athens to Alexandria, Egypt with their little dog named Maga. The guy enjoys the love of the family, but makes one mistake after another, which makes him believe that he is no longer wanted in the house. When he decides to escape, he will find that he cannot make it in the “outside world” without the help of a stray dog ​​that will accompany him on the way, Afratos, who is used to hunger and mischief. The adventures and lessons Magas will learn far from home will change his mindset, but not his enthusiasm for life.

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Vassilis Lekkas plays and sings live on stage

The key role of the gardener in “Maga” is played by the favorite singer Vasilis Lekkas. I have forged a great path in the Greek music scene with collaborations starting with Mano Hadjidaki and that Miki Theodorakis and further with almost all major composers and lyricists, Vassilis Lekkas collaborates with Kids Theater in the 2023-24 season and performs “Vasilis”, which takes care of Maga and inspires him to fight for justice. Vassilis Lekkas plays the show’s songs live on stage.


Leaded by:


Theater adaptation: MARIA SUBERT

VASILIS LEKKAS live on stage

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