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Performance for children in the theater “Under the Bridge”

THE Helen Daphne In her directorial debut, she directed the digital comic “Kratas Mystiko?” in an awareness and information show on this topic Child abuse.

The show “To keep a secret?” was created with great care and attention for young viewers and touches on a subject that is as sensitive as it is timeless. Our goal is to inform, raise awareness and protect children and parents through our work.

We believe that knowledge is power. By telling Nikolas’ personal story and the “theater-educational” game at the end of the show, the children get to know their bodies better, the places that no one is allowed to touch without their permission, they can secretly distinguish good from bad and, of course, about it talk about what’s bothering them. • Based on the digital comic of the same name, “Keeping a Secret?” by Eleni Dafni

Theater performance: Katerina Papanastasatou

Director: Eleni Dafni

Visual editing: Eleni Soumi
Interpretation – Musical Composition: Thrasos Stathopoulos

Design of the theater educational program: Natasa Sfendylaki

Poster artwork by Steve Stivaktis
Poster: Marietta Roussou
Lighting design: Nikos Mavropoulos

Photos: Domniki Mitropoulou

Premiere: Saturday, January 13, 2024
Performances: Every Saturday at 3:00 p.m

Nikolas, now 26 years old, tells his very personal story. A student at Wednesday Elementary School and a member of the children’s orchestra (he plays guitar) knows Mr. Thodoris. He is the driver who takes him home from school. At first she will trust him and the two will become close friends. Gradually, however, Nikolas becomes confused by Mr. Theodoris’ behavior. The “secrets” that will arise will cause him to gradually lose his appetite not only for the music he loves so much, but also for life itself. Luckily for him, his change in behavior won’t go unnoticed. The music teacher will talk to the children in the orchestra about their bodies, the importance of saying no to what they don’t like, and of course asking for help. Nikolas, drawing strength from the teacher’s words, will manage to overcome his fears and speak openly about what happened to him. Now he knows the message and carries it everywhere “Our bodies belong to us and we say a firm no to anyone who doesn’t understand that. We always talk about what bothers us until they hear us.”
The performance “Are You Keeping a Secret?” is aimed at children up to 12 years old. Following the performance, there will be a theater educational program with the active participation of the audience, which will deal with the topic of the performance and provide material.

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