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Piraeus has written the most beautiful recycling stories

The Municipality of Piraeus and the Directorate of Cleaning and Recycling carried out one of the largest educational programs on recycling during the last school year in collaboration with the well-known journalist and author Lia Lappa.

The report is extensive because of the 40 schools where the program was implemented, there was not a single school that did not introduce fairy tales to its students and more than 70% of the works were rated as excellent.


The Mayor of Piraeus, Yiannis Moralis, accompanied by the Vice Mayor Panagiotis Reppas, visited the 43rd Primary School during the educational activity and spoke to the children about the environment and especially about recycling, as it is an important issue for him while he strongly believes in experience-oriented action, but also the creativity of children. The fairy tale with the title “Mrs. Katharoula’s Shop” was prepared with a lot of love and effort in 2,500 copies, which the students of the 40 schools would receive free of charge. The experiential workshop with the projector, the soap bars, the deceased seagull, Antetokounmpo talking to the children about recycling houses and the creative writing seminar were well structured to inspire the children. At least that was the first thought, but reality revealed a unique treasure, according to the organizers.


The response was not only, as they say, captivating with imaginative stories and wonderful writing, but also extremely moving because the special schools also presented fairy tales and there was also a Braille task.

The campaign in the schools has ended and the next step is the recycling festival on September 15th, where the children will have the opportunity to visit “Mrs. Katharoula’s shop” up close and talk to the heroes of the fairy tale the author’s commemorative diplomas and reward the best writing achievements with gifts from the cleaning and recycling department, but also with grants for creative writing from “Lappa projects”.

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