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Power Quest missed its second chance

His return In The heat From The Night it is a fact, even if from the last appearance of the column A whole year and a half of silence has passed. Let it be. Now renewed and with the intention of a more consistent presence at regular – or even less regular – intervals, we are here again, each time tackling a topic that affects the broader rock/metal field.

Unfortunately, the topic of the column’s reboot concerns this year’s dissolution of a rather overlooked band that has put its own stone in the European power metal edifice. It’s about her Performance Searchthe band that emerged from the split of Dragonheartbefore the latter were renamed to Dragon Powerwrite their own story.

The keyboard player Steve WilliamsTogether with bassist Steve Scott (who also played on Shadowkeep’s flagship A Chaos Theory), they decided to go separate ways from the rest of what would become Dragonforce and form their own band. Together with Sam Totman, who was more of a “double player” in both formations, the guitarist Adam Bickers and the Italian singer Alessio Garavello (from Arthemis), the first “official” line-up of Power Quest was created with the most melodic “Wings”. “Of Forever” is a natural sequel and a pretty promising debut album.

Let’s not forget that we are still in one era of his presidency Performance metal In the minds of fans and companies, bands like Power Quest, which met the standards of the genre and had talented musicians in their ranks, immediately seemed preferable. So “Wings Of Forever”, which was released in the nursery of disbanded heavy, power and prog metal bands (see Underground Symphony), caused a stir and gave impetus to the plan to play its own part in the gradually declining power metal band. to claim the metal area.

One year later, the band’s flagship album would be a fact. The “Neverworld” was a very competitive specimen of its time, fast, melodic and undeniably “cheesy”, so much so that its themes stuck in the memory. Unfortunately for the band, the choice of Now & Then as a publishing and promotion company was the worst possible one, as it “abandoned” the format with its poor distribution and rather non-existent promotion of the record. So, at the same time that the last wave of power metal bands was happening and Dragonforce was starting to become a hot name, Powerwolf and Sabaton followed close behind, following the popular English Nintendo metallers in the following years. Power Quest continued its march into obscurity with controversial career choices that now coincided with increasingly poor releases.

Power Quest

Coming to the signature with the most powerful napalm, The opportunity was now lost forever. By 2008, power metal was already a saturated idiom that was declining in quality and commercialism, with Master Of Illusion being a bad album that soullessly and uninspiredly reproduced every cliché of the genre. Predictably, there were radical changes in their creative lineup, with only Steve Williams remaining steadfast and flanked by new musicians, with Chity Somapala (vocalist on Firewind’s “Forged By Fire”) standing out. As a result, “Blood Alliance”, the swansong of Power Quest’s first period, which differed significantly from the album’s predecessors due to Somapala’s rougher voice (compared to Garavello’s), is certainly coherent, but not impressive enough to be theirs to bring the longed-for breakthrough.

Power Quest would say that the ongoing line-up changes would have a negative impact on their cohesion and finances as the ongoing costs would not be borne by a record label a colon In 2013 they set off. Temporarily, of course, because three years later they returned again and took advantage of a new opportunity in an environment that was slowly starting to become more receptive to bands of their own style.

As a result, the group spent another seven years accepting their place in the music industry, which made their work smooth. So “Sixth Dimension”, their supposedly final album, was more than honest, taking them as close to their roots as possible (and their first albums with Garavello – who does the mixing here) and highlighting young musicians – including Ashley Edison of Dendera and Tigertailz. Secure, The last few years have been a bit of a blur about what’s really going to happen for the band. On the one hand, the release of a new single, on the other hand, the announcement of their “final chapter” in 2023 in the form of a tour – after it was actually completed on the first day of ProgPower USA for 2023 – certainly indicated the imminent end of the band’s march.

However, not as suddenly as it appeared in the middle of last month with the announcement of the 14th signed by Steve Williamsher February (and published three days later) to abruptly and quietly conclude this two-decade journey for Power Quest. Will the decision be final or will there still be a return? Only time can tell…

Power Quest


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