Powerwolf have announced their new album - Wishevoke

Powerwolf have announced their new album

The fact is her new record Powerwolf almost three years after “Call Of The Wild”.

It is called “Wake up the bad guys” and its release is scheduled for July 26th by the Napalm Records.

From August 29th to September 15th, Powerwolf will do their first full North American tour and in October they will return to Europe for their longest tour on our continent to date.

The title is “Wolfsnächte 2024”, very special guests will be HammerFall and support will be Wind Rose.

Pre-order the album “Wake Up The Wicked”.

Tracklist “Wake Up The Wicked”:
1. Bless them with the blade
2. Sinners of the Seven Seas
3. Kyrie Clitorem
4. Heretic hunter
5. 1589
6. Long live the Vulgate
7. Wake up the bad guys
8. Joan of Arc
9. Thunder Priest
10. We don’t want to be saints
11. Vargamor

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