Premiere for the new theater performance by the Plani group “The Obedient or Reunion” - Wishevoke

Premiere for the new theater performance by the Plani group “The Obedient or Reunion”

The Obedience or reunion

New Year’s Eve 2020.

A group of old classmates are invited to Arachova for a reunion to celebrate the New Year. Now 45, they are packing their “school bags” again and preparing to party “like back then,” trying to find the common thread that connects them to their youth and becoming carefree teenagers again for just three days.


The reunion, the coming together of their teenagers, brings back fond memories, but also presents them with an inevitable reckoning with their lives. They are susceptible to truths and try to explain their lives, their decisions and the path they have chosen in order to understand their time but also the course of their generation. But uncovering a well-kept secret will reveal the limits of their tolerance, endurance and values.


After “Visitors of the Fifteenth of August,” Anna Etiaridou’s new work is the deep introspection of a generation that feels like it’s constantly living in a countdown. The heroes of the piece – all born in 1974 – are a generation that has been moving forward closely “chained” to the course of the country for thirty years, struggling to put their own stamp on history, without being able to clearly see who it is . Without an ideological background, with outdated ideals, without any belief in a better future, the heroes face themselves and those around them and look for an answer to the difficult question:

What will we leave behind…?

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