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Presentation of her book “Why Psychoanalysis Mr. Josaphat?”

The journalist’s book and MEP candidate with ND Vicky Flessa entitled “Why Psychoanalysis, Mr. Yosaphat” will be presented at an open event to be held at the National Historical Museum of the Old Parliament on March 27 at 7 p.m.

There will be a public discussion at the event Theodoros RoussopoulosPresident of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, on Despina HatzivasileiouSecretary General of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Minister for National Economy and Finance Kostis Hatzidakis and that Theodori AtheridisActor and director.

The speakers will discuss the event with the journalist, classical philologist Vicky Flessa and the audience Answers from the late famous psychiatrist Matthew Jehoshaphat on a range of important questions about family, the unconscious, the internet, love and more.


The soul, relationships, family and joy

The book refers to themes such as the family, the unconscious, the Internet, love and much more, where the personal is intertwined with the social, to the changing Greece, but also to cultural, mental and a number of serious topics.

Are we all “wounded” in the first five years of our lives? Is there an unconscious? How do good mothers treat their girls and their boys? What is the “third leg” of the couple relationship? Is love learned? Why do we cheat on our partners? Why do we like to “jump”? Is the Internet a toxic matrix? Why do we stay in abusive relationships? Where do we stumble in adolescence? What happens to only children and firstborns? How do we choose a psychotherapist? Has Freud been surpassed? Why don’t mature people fall in love?

These and many other questions from our daily life, our relationships with others and our mental life were discussed by psychiatrist Mattheos Yosaphat with Vicky Flessa in the well-known and longest-running interview program on Greek television, which featured leading figures from the region of mind and science , intellectuals from the Greek area and Hellenism of the diaspora as well as public figures who convey knowledge and reflections with their words.

The author herself notes in her foreword: “This book was born out of your own love for Matthew Josaphat.” In the 20 years of my TV show on ERT, we came to Accra with him three times. In the end, these three interviews were not enough. There are many unanswered questions. Years have passed and I still meet people who remember Matthew Josaphat’s lines from the show and especially how useful he was at that time in their lives.

Essentially, it is a journey into psychoanalysis with words as a vehicle and an experienced scientist as a guide, who in his work “recalls Sigmund Freud, the neurologist who, from the 20th century, changed our view of the psyche.”


Mattheos Josaphat (1937-2022) graduated from the Medical Faculty of the University of Athens in 1963 and qualified as a neurologist-psychiatrist in 1967. For further studies he moved to London, where he stayed for fifteen years. There, after examinations, he acquired various diplomas in psychiatry and child psychiatry (diploma in psychological medicine, highest diploma in psychiatry from the University of Psychiatry, etc.). Elected Director in the National Health System (Finchley Center for Child and Family Psychiatry, London). As a senior lecturer he taught at the Towistock Center and at the University of London (Medical Postgraduate Centre). He completed five years of training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and four years of training in group analysis and family therapy. After his return to Greece, he was elected director of the Attica Children’s Psychiatric Hospital. He founded, together with others, the Hellenic Society of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, which trains in individual psychoanalytic therapy, and the Hellenic Society of Group Analysis and Family Therapy, of which he was also president and director of the educational institute. He was a regular member of numerous international scientific societies and was involved in the authoring of numerous scientific books and numerous articles. He has been invited to lecture at many centers abroad (Oxford University, London School of Economics, etc.), as well as numerous hospitals, scientific centers, the Megaron Plus lecture series, etc. Together with other colleagues, he is also the founder of the Child Psychiatry Society of Greece, of which he was elected as its first president.

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