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Presentation of the poetic work “Akathistos” by Antonis Ambartzidis at Ianos in Athens

The presentation of his new poetic work took place in Yanos, Athens on Friday, September 22nd Antonis Ambartzidis titled “Akathistos” from IANOS publications, which is the author’s second consecutive work after SKALA, 2019 Thermaikos publications. What made a big impression was the fact that for literature, and especially for poetry, there was no chair to sit on while people stood watching the action. A different presentation in which the actor from the National Theater alternates speeches, music and excerpts from the play Michalis Titopoulos gave an experiential approach to the project.


Speeches were given by: Doudonis Panagiotis– Doctor of Constitutional Law, University of Oxford, Member of State, h Tsagaraki Nouli -Author, Head of Public Relations of the Panhellenic Writers’ Association, while contributions from: Bulgarian Anastasia-writer, playwright and poet, h Asterope Polykandriotis– Special education teacher and author of children’s fairy tales as well Andreas Magdalenos-Philologist and administrator of the Instagram page @to_saravalo. The event was coordinated by the director Aristarchus Papadaniel . Music was played by: Paschos Iliad-Violin and Christos Kokkinos– guitar. Akathistos by Antonis Ambartzidis is a deeply existential poetic work that draws all resources from ancient Greek philosophy combined with Byzantine tradition, while some verses will awe even the most difficult reader*.


Excerpt from the review by the author N. Tsagarakis in the description of the book:“It may be that in Akathisto the poetic language alternates with the lyrical, but the basic elements that characterize his work remain unchanged. Once again, our poet embarks on a difficult journey of inner dialogue, contemplation and reflection, trying to understand and synthesize the opposites that dominate human beings: body and mind, spirit and soul. It seems to follow the maxim of Marcus Aurelius: “Dig deep, deep is the source of good and it will bubble up strongly when you dig,” that is, “Dig within yourself.” In you is the source of good and it will always flow if you always look for it. Complete, condensed speech, written in the first and second person, as it involves conversations with oneself.

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