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“Psychostasis” by Alexandra Samothraki

“psychostasis” by Alexandra Samothraki All the hallmarks of a detective book that respects itself and its genre: a healthy dose of political and apolitical intrigue, imaginative murders, intelligence, femme fatales, police officers on the verge of incompetence, unpredictable detectives.

And the laughter it provokes is not at the action itself, nor at the pitiful situations in which the heroes are involved, but at their commentary by the hero-narrator.

ISNAFI publications invite you to the presentation of Alexandra Samothraki’s novel “Psychostasis” on Tuesday, 04/02/24 at 7:30 p.m. in the Mine Bar (Skoufa 48):The objective Yiannis Baskozos, author, director of the online magazine of books and arts O Anagnostis and editor-in-chief of Alexandra for 15 years, will talk about the book, her favorite author (despite his State Prize). and idol Yiannis Paschos, and her best friend from the world of books Philippos Philippou, also a writer and book critic. The author offers the first glass of wine with every book purchase because no one should read this volume sober, and believe me, you want to read something five minutes into the book launch and you realize that your cell phone has no signal.

Excerpts from the book will be read by actor/playwright Spyros Asimenios».

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