Pure mockery, in Theater 104 - Wishevoke

Pure mockery, in Theater 104

The theater performance “The Blank Mockery” was directed. Vasilis Kotsinokouris almost accidentally has a hostage as its subject. Blind, no request. This has to be found. Or invented. The two parties involved, an outraged cell phone customer and his hostage, a frustrated employee of the same company, find themselves in the absurd position of having to agree on the form of this request. Could it be one of us, unconfirmed?

The work of Nikos Dimitropoulos, cruel and painfully funny, traces our times and illuminates situations, attitudes and thoughts. Scary thoughts…

Director: Vassilis Katsikonouris

Performed by: Tassos Dardaganis, Kostas Xikomenos
Set design/costumes: Andreas Chalaris, Eleftherios Plavos

Music editor: Vassilis Katsikonouris

Photos: Savvas Vasiliadis
Journalist’s voice: Larisa Vergou


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