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Pursue the hope for tomorrow when your soul and body hurt

The Pain and Palliative Care Center of the Aretaia University Hospital, like any pain center, becomes the intersection where the primal rivals meet: life and death.

There is a winner in every game. The road to the victory of life or the end of death is long, torturous and painful.

In this book we will follow the real life journeys of people who have faced life-threatening illnesses, chronic psychosomatic pain and other mental health problems. We will approach your psychotherapeutic journey through the eyes and guidance of your psychotherapist colleague. How does Harry feel and how does he react when he learns that a life-threatening illness has suddenly struck his life? Is he looking for ways to escape the illness and hope for life? How does the couple feel and react to the prospect of their teenage son’s foretold death? Is there hope for life and where can you get it from? Can young Maya, suffering from psychosomatic pain, throw away the crutches and get back on her feet, and how?

And what are labels in our lives? Can the person shake it off and live their life freely? Can fear and guilt that invade a person’s soul also become a self-fulfilling prophecy? Can fear of illness become an illness?

Using psychotherapeutic approaches, drama therapy and psychoanalytic psychotherapy, we explore the strength and hope that can arise from such difficult situations…

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