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Ravious’ first EP, “Bare Hands”, is released

His first EP was released Ravishingwith title “Bare your hands». The five songs included in this release are aimed at the everyday person and citizen, whether he is a student, college student or worker. They are aimed at everyone who shows solidarity despite the existing conditions and fights every day without privileges against social poverty and corruption and resists the system that feeds them.

Ravious is an artist who is difficult to categorize into “boxes,” and his music is not limited to norms or simple sounds. Since 2012, he has been creating rap tracks and participating in social and charity festivals, as well as many concerts of the domestic underground rap scene.

While Ravious’ style is primarily based on old-school influences (90s rap), he is not limited to these, but also explores more modern sounds, especially in terms of music production.

A few words about “Bare Hands”
Bare Hands contains everyday human experiences and concerns and challenges us to think. Let’s understand and respond to today’s data. Not to be passive recipients of what others decide for us.

The EP title is a metaphor. It refers to the unequal struggle that people wage with “bare” hands against the mechanisms that oppress, control and isolate them.

This EP is an early sample of Ravious’ work and a strong introduction to the records to come.

01. Bare hands
02. Against the weather
03. Virtue and vice
04. Seas
05. Last Dance

A few words about the artist
THE Nikos Vavouliotis (aka Ravious) is an MC and music producer. He began to engage in music in 2012 as he felt the need to express himself through this particular art and criticized what was happening in Greece, especially at the time when the economic crisis broke out.

During his childhood, he learned about hip-hop culture and his main source of inspiration was the neighborhood where he was born and where he still lives. Kaisariani, apart from its great historical importance, could be described as one of the first centers of rap in Greece, as two of the first bands, FF.C and Razastarr, were active both there and in Byron, laying the foundation for this musical direction nationwide. These first listening attempts led Ravious to tell his own story in his lyrics.

In Kaisariani he gave his first concerts in local shops, festivals and outdoors. His first single “You are not the same” was released in 2015. So far, “Unwritten Law”, “It was not an accident” and “Black Ithaki” have been released, among many other characteristic titles.

Ravious’ goal is to convey a powerful message that will continue to resonate with future generations of youth and artists.

“Bare Hands” is his first EP and new records and concerts are expected to follow soon.

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