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Rockwave Festival 2007: Review

Another wave of rock is a thing of the past and, like previous events, presents you with a brief summary of what we saw and heard, what we liked and what we didn’t… even what we expect next year!

Day 1: Every beginning is difficult, they say, and that was confirmed at this year’s Rockwave. Apparently something went wrong at the last minute and the doors opened two hours later than announced. However, upon entering the room, all complaints were put to rest as the changes in the Terra Vibe compared to previous years were noticeable and for the better. The new stage was undoubtedly impressive in its height and width, while the area in front of the stage was excavated to make it easier to see even for those sitting further back. As we continued our exploration of the renovated space on the first day, we also found the following:

The booths have been moved from the entrance to the main area of ​​Terra Vibe. So if you want to walk in it, all you have to do is go to the back of the viewing area. The toilets have been expanded, as have the canteens, so that queues are practically eliminated.

Unfortunately, the segregation of the arena on the first day meant that there were 4-5 rows of people in front of the stage and the rest of the audience followed after a distance of 15 meters, which spoiled the aesthetics of the stage. There was quite a lot of space, especially – as I thought can imagine – for the artists themselves. The number of visitors on the first day is also rather disappointing. One of the leading bands of melodic rock, one of the greatest voices of modern rock and Robert Plant in his most creative period after Led Zeppelin, aroused the interest of only 5,000 people at their first appearance in our country. It’s a shame, because Plant and his band as well as Chris Cornell and Europe were great.

One of the plus points of the evening is the impeccable sound, while the minus points include our untimely update about Redrum’s performance in Europe.

Day 2: Things went noticeably better on the second day. There were no delays, the audience was significantly larger than on the first day at over 10,000, the sound was (again) almost perfect, two huge screens were set up on either side of the stage, security guards regularly cooled the audience with water (which was… Metallica repeated even more often) and overall everything went smoothly. The only complaint that can legitimately be made, which concerns basically all three days, is the lack of a program informing when each group will appear. For example, on the day of Heaven And Hell’s performance, a large portion of Anathema fans missed the band’s performance because they believed it would take place later than they took the stage. Otherwise, all bands received positive reviews, while many’s dream of enjoying Black Sabbath with Dio on the mic came true – albeit under a different name.

Day 3: The last day was definitely the big challenge of this year’s Rockwave. The biggest metal band performed in our country after eight years, while the number of spectators was in the red at over 25,000.

This time the audience space in front of the stage had grown significantly in both length and width, which pleased the owners of the famous “80s”, but disappointed those who had gotten the impression from the previous days that PL3 ​​was pretty close to that Complexes. Perhaps it would be better to know the exact dimensions of the front area for each day in advance so that ticket purchases can be made more safely. Day three began with a real revelation: the excellent Dirt Spawn Disease. Then My Dying Bride, although they played well, confirmed that their sound was still dark for most people. Mastodon, whose sound was incomparably better than last December, played for over an hour without taking a breath and was the ideal foretaste of what was to follow.

Yes, Metallica’s sound was surprisingly quieter than expected. So what; They played for 2.5 hours with unrepeatable passion and showed that they respect every euro their fans paid for them. And if you respect your audience, you can be sure they will return the favor. And last but not least, the audience at Metallica was simply unrepeatable.

During the concert, the resulting mosh pits and general panic kicked up quite a large cloud of dust and dirt, which was understandably extremely annoying, even dangerous, for many in the audience. Even in retrospect, the decision not to cover most of the arena with the special plastic cover (which was available in previous years) turned out to be wrong.

After the concert, complaints were raised about delays at the entrances to the national highway. Although traffic jams were inevitable with so many cars, perhaps the traffic police should have come up with a more careful plan for the vehicles to exit.

Undoubtedly, from now on, more attention should be paid to the places outside Terra Vibe where food and refreshment canteens are placed. I respect the sellers’ desire to do their job as well and efficiently as possible, but by placing their “goods” in the middle of the street, they make it difficult for the public and cars to pass through.

Finally, it should be noted that the lights on the side street remained open late into the night to facilitate the passage of pedestrians and vehicles.

In summary, based on the number of names that appeared and their performance, we can confidently speak of the best rockwave of all time… until next time! Things have improved a lot at Terra Vibe, parking has increased and we expect and want to believe that things will be even better next year. We wish for Rockwave 2008 even more days, even bigger names, cheaper tickets, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and of course… AC/DC!

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