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“Romeo and Juliet”: A major international co-production between Greece and Turkey at Megaro

Director: Lefteris Yovanidis from May 16 to 20, 2024.

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A major international co-production between Greece and Turkey is currently being prepared with one of the greatest classic texts of world drama, “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare.

The State Theater of Türkiye in collaboration with the Athens Concert Hall and its cultural organization LYKOFOS George Lykiardopoulos For the first time, they are presenting together a special reading of the love tragedy “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare with Greek and Turkish actors directed by Lefteris Yovanidis.

This is excellent ambitious and demanding undertakingwhich aims to be a “bridge” between the two countries of Greece and Turkey, as it offers a unique opportunity for Greek and Turkish artists to collaborate and unite their voices.

The show is enough Premiere in Ankara on April 19th and then it will be presented in Istanbul, while the premiere in Greece will take place on May 16th at the Athens Concert Hall.

“Romeo and Juliet” is it stronger love story that was ever written. The two opposing families in this play become the Greek Capulets and the Turkish Montagues. In each family, members converse in their own language, and whenever the two feuding families meet, they communicate in the only common international language they know: English.

A special trilingual show, with surtitles, in which two peoples – two families with different religions and cultures, drenched in an eternal conflict, follow a blind hatred. However, despite this hatred and enmity that separates families, the Greek Juliet and the Turkish Romeo fall in love despite all obstacles and teach the value of love through Shakespeare’s poetic words.

They embody the iconic Shakespeare roles Kalliopi Haska and Alp Ünsal, while big names in theater appear alongside them: Roula Pateraki (Paramana), Eray Eserol (Pateras Lavrentios), Nikos Karathanos (Capulet), Maria Diakopanagiotou (Capulet), Şevki Çepa (Mercutios), Efe Akercan (Benvolio ), Spyros Maragoudakis (Tyvaldos), Nikos Constantopoulos (Paris), Dimitris Charalambopoulos (Samson/Servant).

This extraordinary opportunity of partnership between the two countries Greece and Turkey and the three important organizations, artistic and technical contributors from both countries, proves the possibility and the will of collaboration with the aim of: a general artistic expression based on mutual and sincere respect for each other.

An important helper in this project is the General and Artistic Director of the State Theater of Turkey, Mr. Tamer Karadağlı.

Greek translation: George Blanas
Turkish translation: Özdemir Nutku
Director: Lefteris Yovanidis
Scenes: Konstantinos Zamanis
Music: Ekin Eti
Movement: Amalia Bennett
Lighting: Yakup Çartık
Stage wrestling: Haris Georgiadis
Deputy Director: Dimitris Charalambopoulos
Production Coordinator (TR): Burcu Boran
Production Manager (EL): Katerina Berdeka
Production organization: Roza Kaloudi
Production assistants: Maria Xydaki, Panoutsi Margelos
Photos: Elina Yunanli
Video promo: Fotis Fotopoulos
Photography styling video: Haris Souliotis

Paramana: Roula Pateraki

Julia: Calliope Haska

Novel: Alp Ünsal

Father Lawrence: Eray Eserol

Main actor: Nikos Karathanos

Capuletou: Maria Diakopanagiotou

Mercutius: Shevki Cepa

Benvolio: Efe Akercan

Tyvaldos: Spyros Maragoudakis

Paris: Nikos Constantopoulos

Samson/Servant: Dimitris Charalambopoulos

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