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Sebastian Fitzek’s new crime novel has been published

His new book Sebastian Fitzek with title “Imitate» was published a few days ago by Diopter editions. As reported, the German author returns more exciting than ever and in his new novel, “a murderer lurks and you can’t trust anyone, not even yourself.”

The synopsis for “Mimic” is:
Don’t be afraid of anything! Only yourself… A small twitch in the corner of the mouth, a tiny change in the pupil of the eye, that’s enough to “recognize” a person’s true self…

Hanna Herbst is Germany’s most experienced facial expression expert. As a police advisor, he helped arrest many dangerous criminals. But now, as she struggles with memory loss following surgery, she is confronted with a horrific case: a previously innocent woman confesses to brutally murdering her family. Only her little son Paul survived.

After her confession, the mother escapes. Is she looking for her son to complete her “mission of death”? Hannah only has the short video of her confession from which to draw her conclusions. But there’s a problem: THE KILLER IN THE VIDEO IS THE SAME…

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