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Second edition of the “Minimal Dictionary” by Lefteris Kousoulis

It is more of a manual, a tool for understanding politics, political confrontations and conflicts, the political phenomenon and human coexistence. It is called “Minimal Dictionary” because it tries to convey the meaning of the concepts in as few words as possible so that the reader, the user of the dictionary, can add his own dimension to the concept, revisit it and judge its performance. THE Lefteris Kousoulis selects the concise definition of 110 concepts associated with what we call politics and society.

Terms such as power, state, politics, populism, party, crisis, hegemony, but also others such as ethics, beauty, aesthetics, holy, anniversary, journalism, fetish, sect, give an impression of the scope of the search. High school teachers and students rightly show interest in the “Minimal Dictionary” from the “Armos” publications, because it is also an exercise in language, an exercise in concise and epigrammatic expression. As an example, let’s choose a definition: TIME is “the conventional attempt to numerically control the flow of existence.” It shows the hidden hope that one day everything will be made from scratch.

The editor of this strange dictionary is Lefteris Kousoulis. This is the respected political scientist, as we call those who systematically study politics, strategy and communication. He was born in Elika, Laconia in 1952. He graduated from Spartis High School and Molaon High School. Graduated from Panteio in 1977. Five years of postgraduate studies in political science in France. After his return he will work as a teacher for a few more years. He taught political history, political theory and sociology. He has been working in the field of political communication since 1987. His books are significant: Politics and Communication (2007), Defeat of Politics, 18 Positions Opposite (2008), Fixed Places (2012), SYRIZA, a political phenomenon (2019) Manifesto against the present (2020) Thursday Morning (2021) etc . He can be found at X, @LKousoulis, on Facebook, Lefteris Kousoulis.

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