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“See and Discuss” for schools

With the participation of more than 75 schools and 134 school departments from all over Greece and Cyprus, the free program recently concluded Film education “Watch and discuss: small films, big ideas”, organized by the Center for Educational Activities and Intercultural Communication “Karpos”. The graduation ceremony took place at the Goethe Institute.

More than 134 school classes from the 6th primary school to the 3rd high school completed the free film screening program “Look and Discuss”, organized by the Center for Educational Activities and Intercultural Communication “Karpos”. These include six second chance schools, five intercultural schools and a Greek language department in Portugal.

At the graduation ceremony, which took place at the Goethe InstituteNearly 100 students from Athens were present, while five other schools in the province participated via an online connection.

The students spoke with the makers of the six films in the program, which were made as part of the Karpou film seminars. The films examined current social issues such as gender equality, disability, immigration, the perception of our city and other issues that systematically concern young people in an experimental way and through various cinematographic techniques. The program was carried out in collaboration with the High Commission – the filmmakers belong to vulnerable groups.

“The students noted that the films helped them look at important issues of our time from a different perspective,” said teacher Georgia Tsirba from 3rd GEL Tripoli, while her colleague Xanthippi Avramidou from 1st Perama Primary School Rethymnon said: “We were thrilled” by the idea that an image or a snapshot could have such deep meaning and speak so directly to our minds and hearts.

At the end of the event, a small experiential film workshop was held in which the children were asked to give a different ending and title to the film that received the most votes, thus demonstrating the power of short films in transforming meanings and meanings to prove alternative narratives.
In addition, a number of schools were inspired by the films and created their own works of art, which were displayed in the venue.

The “identity” of the film education program

The film education program “Watch and Talk: Small Films, Big Ideas” aims to bring dialogue and cinema into schools. The aim of the program is to introduce students to cinematic expression in the form of short films and at the same time to give them space to express themselves on various current social issues that generally cannot simply be discussed without reason.

In particular, through the program, students learn about the world of cinema using various film techniques. They practice reading the picture. You work in teams and learn the value of collaboration. You participate in media criticism and countermeasure processes.

The program was designed by the award-winning director and director of Karpou, Maria Leonidas, and is implemented in collaboration with Koula Panagou, educator and head of educational programs of the Network for the Rights of the Child, with the patronage and support of the Ministry of Culture and the Approval from the Ministry of Education.

The movies:

-Small Worlds (2021) directed by Khatere Vaziri (Documentary)
Katere, a refugee mother of three children, lives in one room with her entire family
and finds ways to express their own imaginary, childlike,
Photographic worlds.

-A Day for a Lifetime (2021) directed by Saber Ansari (deleted animation)
In 4 minutes, 23-year-old Saber describes his entire life and ours in an easy way
invites us to guess its theme.

-City of Faces (2023) group leader, poetic essay, documentary
Team: Christos Angelidis, Stavroula Samara, Avra ​​​​Stavroula Sotiropoulou.
The creative team loves the peculiarities of Athens and explores them through the
how the residents of the center themselves answer in one word what the city means to them.

-Be Kind (2023) team direction, feature film
Team: Faith Barekye, Theodore Ali, Dimitra Paraskevopoulou, Samantha Sotos
Based on the true story of a call center worker with a disability
The makers of the film want to motivate people to be kinder
even in a simple telephone conversation.

-People #404 (2023) Group leadership, poetic essay
Cast: George Chalakheshashvili, Ornela Ntoko
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The makers of the film gave the film about the people who gave this title
We meet in the city every day, but we don’t see her in reality.

-The Lightkeepers (2023) group directing, documentary
The way a school works and helps on weekends in Athens
Children who are war refugees from Ukraine.

After the films were shown, small groups discussed and voted on a special online platform. At the same time, the participating students were asked to comment on the films, negotiate and finally answer questions such as which film they would recommend to their parents or send to a friend and which filmmaking technique they would choose if they could immediately start making their own creation.

KARPOS: Center for Educational Activities and Intercultural Communication

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