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See who won the 2022 State Literature Awards

The State Literary Awards, a prestigious and important institution in the field of literature, represent the practical recognition by the State of the work and contribution of authors and aim to promote and disseminate Greek writing and thought and to support Greek book production.

The legislation establishing the State Literary Prizes is applied (Law 3905/23-12-2010, Article 40) and on this basis the relevant committees have been appointed (Government Gazette 1058/YODD/23-12-2020, Official Gazette 817/YODD/01 -10-2021, Official Gazette 494/YODD/17-06-2022 and Official Gazette 447/YODD/12-5-2023), in which the book production of 2021 was examined in detail.

The awards are given to creators who have served the art of speaking with their pen and have distinguished themselves through the originality of their writing, technique, narrative perfection, aesthetic quality and themes that promote dialogue on sensitive social issues.

They will be announced in detail today:


The Grand Prize of Letters awarded for Maria Laina for their overall contribution to Letters.
The State Prize for Fiction 2022 awarded with a majority Sotiris Dimitriou for his work The sky from other placesPataki Publications.

The State Prize for Short Story – Novel 2022 awarded with a majority Nasia Dionysiou for your work What is a level?Polis Publications.

The State Prize for Poetry 2022 awarded with a majority Thanasi Hatzopoulos for his work Flags under constructionPolis Publications.
The State Essay – Criticism Prize 2022 awarded with a majority Panagi Panagiotopoulos for his work Middle class adventures. Sociological Records in Late Postcolonial GreeceEpicenter Publications.

The State Prize for Testimony – Biography – Chronicle – Travel Literature 2022 is awarded with a majority of half Tasoula Verbeniotis for your work The Civilians of the Greek Civil War. The dynamics of memoryKukkida publications and in Christos Christidisfor his work George KartalisHellenic Parliament Foundation Publications.

The Special State Prize 2022for a book that significantly promotes dialogue about sensitive social issues is awarded by a majority Hilda Papadimitrioufor your work Guilty until proven guiltyMetaichmio Publications.
It should be noted that for 2022, the responsible committee unanimously decided not to award a State Prize to a new author under the age of 35 and not to award an honorary award to a literary magazine.


The State Prize for the Translation of a Work of Foreign Literature into the Greek Language 2022 awarded to Giorgos Kentrotis for the translation of Georg Trakl’s work “All Poems”, published in Rome.

The State Prize for the Project Achievement of Ancient Greek Writing in Modern Greek 2022 awarded to Nikolaos P. Bezantakos for the translation of the work Anthology of ancient Greek erotic literature (Vol. I Poetry & Vol. II Prose), published by the Association for the Distribution of Useful Books.
The State Prize for the Translation of a Greek-Language Work into a Foreign Language 2022 Half goes to Panos Karagiorgos for the translation of the work Kostis Palamas/Poetic Anthology, Filyra Publications, and to Loïc Marcou for the translation of the work of Didos Sotirious, Electra, H & O éditions.


The State Prize for Children’s Literature 2022 majority awarded to Argyro Pipini for the work entitled Zaza (illustration by Petros Bouloubasis), Kaleidoscope Publications.
The State Prize for Youth Literature Books 2022 majority awarded to Manos Kontoleon for the work entitled “The Mask of the Captain”, Pataki Publications.
The State Prize for Illustrated Children’s Books 2022 majority awarded to the illustrator Persa Zacharias and the writer Myrto Kalofolia for the work “A Lonely Case”, Kaleidoscope publications.
The State Knowledge Book Prize for Children 2022 majority awarded half to Aggeliki Darlasi for the work “The big….small: the Scientists” (illustrated by Sofia Papadopoulou), Metaichmio Publications, and to Vasia Exarchou for the work “The Cycle of the Cyclades” (illustrated by Vasia ). Exarchou, Dimitris Dourabeis, Annie Dadoukis), Kedros publications.

The composition of the responsible committees is recalled:

Committee for the Annual Literary Awards and the Grand Prize for Letters, the New Author Award, the Special Topic Award and the Essay-Testimony Awards

1)Alkisti SofouAssociate Professor of the Modern Hellenic Institute at the Department of Classical Studies of the Sorbonne University, President
2)Sofia Labrini DenisiProfessor of History and Literary Criticism at the School of Fine Arts, Vice President
3)Anastasia NatsinaAssistant Professor of Modern Greek Philology at the Institute of Philology of the University of Crete, Member
4)Dimitris AthinakisAuthor, member
5)Ilias KafaoglouAuthor, member
6)Andreas MitsouAuthor, member
7)Nikos Vatopouloscritic, member
8th)Kostas Karavidascritic, member
9)Lina Pantaleoncritic, member

Committee for the State Prizes for Literary Translation

1)Ioannis Tsolkas, Professor of History of Italian Literature and European Culture at the Institute of Italian Language and Philology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Member of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of the Faculty of Philology), President
2)Vasilios SambatakakisAssociate Professor of Modern Greek Studies at Lund University (Sweden), President of the European Society for Modern Greek Studies, Modern Hellenist, Vice President
3)Rubini Dimopoulou Permanent Assistant Professor of Medieval and Renaissance Latin Literature in the Department of Classical Literature of the Faculty of Philology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (member of the DEPAEI department related to Greek history, society or politics), member
4)Dimitrios FiliasProfessor of Literary Translation at the Institute of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting of the Ionian University (member of the DEPAEI knowledge subject in the field of translation), member
5)Moschos Morphakidis patron, Professor of Greek Philology at the University of Granada, Director of the Center for Byzantine, Modern Greek and Cypriot Studies, modern Hellenist, member
6)Konstantinos Kalfopouloscritic, member
7)Konstantinos Bouras, critic, member
8th)Maria KitroeffTranslator, member
9)Kleanthi-Ismini (Klaiti) SotiriadouTranslator, member

State Children’s Book Awards Committee

1)Melpomeni (Meni) KanatsouliProfessor of the Department of Preschool Education and Science, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, President
2)Tassoula TsilimeniProfessor of the Pedagogical Department of Preschool Education of the University of Thessaly, Author, Vice President
3)Anastasia (Sula) Economidou, Associate Professor of the Scientific Department of Preschool Education, Democritus University of Thrace, Member
4)John PapadatosAssociate Professor of the Department of Preschool Education and Educational Planning of the University of the Aegean, Critic, Member
5)Dimitrios PolitisAssociate Professor of the Department of Educational Sciences and Early Childhood Education, University of Patras, Member
6)Zoe Koskinidoucritic, member
7)Efstathia (Teti) SolouIllustrator, Member
8th)Prodromos (Makis) TsitasAuthor, member
9)Achilleas-Alexander RazisIllustrator, Member

Finally, in accordance with the legislation establishing the State Literary Awards (No. 3905/2010), the award justification of the relevant committees for each category will be published.

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