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Sober On Tuxedos present their new album

Sober in a tuxedo | Welcome to the liquor store
(Pre-release concert for new album)

Sober in a tuxedo. The group, which impressed with its dynamic presence and very quickly managed to establish itself in the local heavy rock/stoner scene, celebrates…

On Saturday, April 9th, the band Sober On Tuxedos invites you to the pre-release concert of their new album “Welcome To The Liquor Store” at the “ILION plus” music stage (17 Patision and Kordigtonos).

Sober On Tuxedos’ debut album, expected to be released on MLK, will be presented in a rousing three-hour program with contributions from outstanding friends and collaborators.

– Antonis Vlachos goes electric
– Pulse R
– Special guest band

Entrance: 7€

Start: 9.30 p.m

The institution of after-parties is now formalized at the “Window” (Trion Hierarchon 1 Thisio), where the evening ends after the concert.

Press release

Sober in a tuxedo

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