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Songs of the week (04.02.21)

Like for example every Fridayour editors were looking for The new songs released recently that deserve thisN time and theN Your attention and present it to you.

This is the weekly post that has become the “meeting point” for those of you who are constantly looking for new and worthwhile suggestions.

As always on this list You won’t find boring stuff or paid options, but only what corresponds to our senses.

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The absence – choirs of illness

The absence

The Absence impressed several Swedes with their excellent US-made NWOSDM.

Moose Korovesis

Bachelor – Stay in the car


Stay In The Car, a newly formed band made up of two aspiring indie upstarts, shamelessly stomps on Pachelbel’s golden chords, but does so with such smugness and repressed joy that you forget it and just think it’s a song, for which one is known years. Sweet potato.

Jason Ciblakos

Billy F Gibbons – West Coast Junkie

Billy F Gibbons

The intro by Reverend Billy is followed by old-fashioned surf rock and the same dance beat continues. The bridge with the drums and the solo that follows demand it Vanessa Ferlito dance again. Really have mercy on us.

George Zarkadoulas

Blessing – A belly full of stones


Blessings promise strong and progressive post-hardcore and the first sample is enough to raise expectations. Their new album is due out in May via Pelagic and listening to the song’s molten finale here, we’re expecting energy, power and a bit of chaos.

Anthony Kalamoutsos

Code – The Crazy White Hair


Twelve minutes – very theatrical, with some metal elements – of new music from Code are enough to show the avant-garde style that seems to dominate their upcoming album and prove why each of their works is unique in its genre.

Alkis Korovesis

Dodsrit – Shallow graves


A competent example of Dodsrit’s blackened crust, which seems to have benefited from expanding the band’s line-up to include new ideas.

Alkis Korovesis

Garbage – The Men Who Rule the World


Twisted but brilliant comeback. Everyone who walks in expects a simple Shirley Manson & Co. radio. The song goes cold before the chorus even starts. The lyrics and vocals shine as always. The passage from Maschinenmensch in the video fits like a glove.

Antonis Marinis

Gojira – Amazonia


For some strange reason, “Amazonia,” with its strong tribal nature, convinced me more easily than “Born For One Thing.” Perhaps it is also “guilty” of the ecological message it conveys.

Alkis Korovesis

Hazy Sea – Flight of Pegasus

Hazy sea

They come from Kavala and, without words, take us on a journey into our tradition and the past of classic rock.

Antonis Moustakas

Ironbourne – Outliers


The partner in madness, Panos Z., said it very well, and I’m calling it too: This could be the “It’s Not Because Of You” of 2021. In their debut, the Swedes brilliantly combine Grand Magus with modern hard rock and write the anthem of an escape that we need so much today. Familiar sounds merge harmoniously, the mediocre wedge solo hurts you and Torbjörn Andersson’s shocking Phonar takes you to heaven. A rare emotion for a song of the year candidate. Run away from this world I’m afraid, hey!

Theodore Xouridas

Kyning – Bury Me Closer


German underground heavy rockers release honest singles before their debut. They may have fewer followers than viewers of Super League 2 games in the middle of quarantine, but we dug them up and present them to you.

Manos Paterakis

Mercurials – ocean of white light


The French build their psychedelic rock beautifully. It’s not (and) post-rock, but it has the anticipation of the breakout after the doldrums. As well as a vaguely gothic aura. The great vocals are probably responsible for that, but then again… what’s with the organ? Beautiful flash of inspiration.

George Zarkadoulas

Nattverd – To the tasks Fortaerer Alt

Holy Communion

Norwegian black is not a memory of the 90s. It remains relevant without necessarily being pioneering, as was the case back then. Nattverd continue where they left off last year and the first rehearsal was promising. And the video clip could be a film trailer, following in the footsteps of “The Witch”.

Panos Zarkadoulas

The Penitent Man – Rest my weary head

The repentant man

Penitent Man’s new song is voyager and soulful and stands out among classic desert rock songs. The keyboard solo by Todd Ogren of Rival Sons is the icing on the cake.

Antonis Moustakas

Your catafalque – red – yellow

Your catafalque

“Piros-sarga” is another step towards experimentation, although it is sonically quite straightforward. It contains strong elements of 70s progressive rock, which makes it difficult to predict the next step of the talented Hungarian Tamas Katai.

Alkis Korovesis

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