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Soul, blues, funk and rock return to Sphinx led by Theodosia Tsatsou!

After her two successful performances at the Sphinx Tsatsu Theodosia returns for another performance, with soul, blues, funk and authentic rock sounds.

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Theodosia Tsatsou studied music, dance and theater and became known to a wider public through the uniqueness of her voice in the band “Blue”, with which she achieved great success. Songs like “I’m Scared,” “I Feel Guilty,” and “You Live Nowhere” will forever be etched in our musical history. She left in 1999 to look for a personal escape and to compose the music and lyrics for her next album “Suspicious World” herself. He took part in collaborations from various areas of music, for example with Pyx-Lax in the hit “Only for that one don’t tell me”. With her next album “Red” she gave us hits with the enchanting “si Thalassa” and the nostalgic “Pou na’ sai now”. Theodossia’s adherence to what her soul commands preserved her independence and gave us performances of songs that will remain unforgettable.

Together with an excellent band that surrounds her, she takes us into her rich musical and emotional universe, through new compositions, arrangements and songs that have marked her path and left an indelible sound in our ears. As the soul, the season and the music dictate, we can hardly wait to get to know her.

Artistic team:
Theodosia of Tsatsu: Song
Stefanos Georgitsopoulos: guitar
Stelios Paschalis: drums
Miltiadis Kechagias: bass
Nausica Katsori: Keyboards

Saturday April 13th
Start: 10 p.m

Sphinx music stage
Academy and Zoodochos Pigis
(Entrance Kiafa’s pedestrian zone 13)
Reservation telephone: 6987844845, 2114096149

Registration: 12 euros

Ticket sales:

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