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Spyros Petroulakis returns with his eleventh novel

THE Spyros PetroulakisAuthor of TV hits Sasmos (Alpha) and Wreck (MEGA), returns with his eleventh novel entitled “Dawn, the Buried Notebook”.

The description of the book that will be published Minoas Publications it says on March 29th:

“My name is Dawn. Dawn, in. I was born on November 25, 1931 on the outskirts of Lamia. I’ve been on Paleo Trikeri for about a year. I was brought here in June 1949 along with other women. But Trikeri is not a place of exile. It’s hell on earth. Not the island, of course, but those who hold our fate in their hands. Our prison guards. They are our hell.”

Female nature is like air: it is invisible but also powerful. Anastasia discovers an old notebook and travels back in time. When the two sides find themselves in front of a mirror seventy years later, myths and realities only have one side. The truth.

News today:

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