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Stamatis Kraunakis – “Good morning, beautiful Kefalonia”

«Good morning beautiful Kefalonia»…
He sings with the enchanting voice of o Stamatis Kraunakis in verse Sarantis Alivizatos and music Angelou Andreatos.

Another song that includes the section of Angelos Andreatos’ songs entitled “Songs of today» which contains songs with a heptanic color.

A song cantada that directs our thoughts to a daily Kefalonian summer morning of relaxation and carefreeness and brings us images and scents of the beautiful beaches of Kefalonia!

The musicians played:
Accordion: Giannis Dafnos
Mandolin: Kostas Pantazatos
Piano: Iota Zapantis
Bass: Nikos Toumasis
Drums: Panos Klonaris
Guitar/Vocals: Angelos Andreatos

…Let’s go swimming on the beach, it’s musky up here, the sea is blowing…

Let’s enjoy it!

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