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Steel Panther for the first time in our country

It is probably the most uniquely shaped case available.

Four guys from Los Angeles relive the time when glam (or sleaze, if you prefer) rock ruled across the Atlantic, where extreme hairstyles, striped leggings, scarves, bandanas and troubled living were the order of the day their 2000s Metal Schoolto bring back the 80s or show them what they were like to everyone who didn’t experience them.

They have been called since 2008 Steel Panther and so far their discography includes six releases that remain faithful to the classic triptych “Sex, Drugs N’ Rock N’ Roll” (mainly in the first aspect), with 100% inappropriate lyrics and certainly unique concert experiences.

As part of their European album tour On the Hunt (2023), Steel Panther will perform at the Lazarist Monastery in Thessaloniki on Friday, July 12th. Tickets (digital) can be found on, while regular paper tickets (also called Magic Cards for the older ones) are already available at the following places:

Athens: No record of remorse
Thessaloniki: Café Diorofon

Edited by: Vassilis Skurtopoulos / (email protected)

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