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The astrological predictions of the week (04/04/2024)


A very pleasant season begins for you from April 5th, when Venus enters your sign, which lasts until April 29th. continues, which means you should use this time to your advantage. Your charm will be at its peak and combined with your personal attention being at the forefront, you will attract attention. On June 4th The Venus – Pluto sextile brings a new romance with someone in your social circle. Maybe you make a new acquaintance through friends or a group activity. The solar eclipse in your sign on August 4th. encourages you to tune into your inner values ​​and emphasize what makes you happy. On October 4th The Mars-Saturn conjunction can cause self-doubt and slow down your plans.


During this time, you may have many reasons to distance yourself from the hustle and bustle of life. Your ruler Venus enters Aries, the most hidden sector of your chart, April 5-29, encouraging you to turn inward for answers, listen to your inner voice, and love yourself more. Events surrounding the solar eclipse in Aries on April 8th. could tell you more about why healing is so important to you. Try to spend more time on your physical and mental well-being so that you feel good when your birthday month comes around. On October 4th The Mars-Saturn conjunction makes possible mistakes when implementing an idea clear.


The love planet Venus arrives on the 5th/4th. enters Aries and highlights your social networking space. The urge to get out, explore the world and connect with others will be strong, so it will be a great time to connect with friends, colleagues and people with whom you share common interests. At 6/4, sextile with Pluto brings with it a journey that will benefit you on a professional or personal level, or a romance from the field of study. The solar eclipse, also in Aries on August 4th, brings greater clarity and activates your humanitarian nature, pushing you to help others – even the smallest gestures can make a difference in someone’s day. On October 4th The Mars-Saturn conjunction calls you to act responsibly so that you get the most out of it.


At this point, the efforts of the past few years will be rewarded and your career will take off. From April 5th, when Venus enters Aries, your ambition will be stimulated and until April 29th. you get the opportunity to try a new venture or find a new, better-paying job. Your love life becomes interesting and a romance develops with a powerful person. From 6/4, the Venus-Pluto sextile brings an increase in money through shared resources or a part-time job, thus stabilizing your income stream. The solar eclipse on August 4th is a crucial point that provides insight into where you are in life and where you want to go. It’s time to demonstrate your leadership skills and aggressively promote your successes. On April 10th Travel and legal matters are not preferred.


When Venus on the 5th/4th As you enter Aries, your optimism increases and you want to expand your knowledge and experience new things. Until April 29th It’s a good time to explore studying, traveling and new opportunities. On June 4th The Venus-Pluto square brings a cooperation proposal with very good prospects, but also favors negotiations. The 4/8 solar eclipse, also in Aries, will highlight specific areas of interest that align with your deepest sense of intention. Maybe you’ll meet a mentor who brings new ideas or make a new friendship with someone from a different culture. It is certain that you will make a fresh start at a distant destination. On October 4th The Mars-Saturn conjunction will create fertile ground for tensions over the management of shared resources.


Venus is in Aries and will stimulate you from April 5th. until April 29th to spend, while Mercury retrograde indicates the opposite. But since Venus is the planet of money and love, if you take the right steps, you will emerge victorious. If you’re single, take advantage of this good time for you and don’t stay trapped in your shell. A new love awaits you somewhere out there. Events during the solar eclipse on August 4th can help you take action and take the right action. You can invest in training or save up for a two-day trip abroad. Generally, it is a time when you are worried about financial matters and while you look for it, you will definitely find ways to increase your income.


Venus occurs on the 5th/4th into Aries and sheds light on your most important personal and professional relationships. Take a close look at your relationship with others and try to improve the bad texts as the conditions will then be more favorable. The 4/8 solar eclipse, also in Aries, opens a window through which you can see the emotional patterns at work. Consider whether you give what you get from others and vice versa, or what you need from others and what you are willing to give. It’s important to look at things from other people’s perspectives and consider the influence you have on the people around you. On October 4th The Mars-Saturn conjunction shows that there will be some obstacles or delays in professional matters. Avoid panicking.


When Venus on the 4th/5th Entering Aries, problems in your everyday life come to the forefront and help you adopt new habits to improve your health and well-being. Routines in your professional and personal life can best support your needs. The April 8 solar eclipse, also in Aries, is an ideal time for healing and renewal. Take some time to tune into your deeper self and your body’s needs. What practices nourish you physically, mentally, and emotionally so that you feel strong and productive? What areas of your life need to be adjusted so that you can balance your personal needs and professional performance? On October 4th the Venus-Saturn conjunction will not favor investments.


When Venus on the 5th/4th Entering Aries brings with it a feeling of joy, optimism, increased energy and creative achievement. You will easily connect with your childlike nature, explore your passions, and open your heart to the beauty around you. On August 4th The solar eclipse in Aries can help you get in touch with your artistic nature and reconnect with hobbies and activities that bring you joy. It’s a good time to return to old projects and creative ideas that have been put on hold and breathe new life into them. If you have neglected some aspects of your life that bring you joy, now is the time to emphasize them and enjoy life. Past loves may resurface, offering an opportunity to reconnect, or you may have a child. Singles let their charm work.


When Venus on the 4th/5th As you enter Aries, it’s time to reconnect with your inner child and family. Since Mercury is retrograde, it is better to avoid buying property and be more patient as problems and delays are likely to arise. However, it is a good time to create a new atmosphere in your home or business and decorate or rearrange things so that the space is a place that offers rest, comfort and security. The solar eclipse on April 8th gives you the opportunity to break free of patterns that don’t serve you and creates space for growth and greater self-awareness. Changing residence or to another location that meets your needs may result in your removal from the program, but is for the best.


With Venus transiting your third house from 5/4, you’re eager to engage with the world around you and engage with others who pique your interest. New experiences and new perspectives are on your agenda. An excellent time to reconnect with friends and colleagues and rekindle relationships with loved ones. The solar eclipse on April 8th increases your clarity and you will find that you can research topics that interest you. Perfect time for creative writing, looking for new opportunities that will increase your income and lead to more extroversion. Emphasize the communication part of your work and promote your products or services. Special attention is paid to financial transactions on October 4th, when the Mars-Saturn conjunction takes place. Negotiations and agreements will face obstacles and it is best to be patient.


Venus on April 5th enters Aries, illuminates your wealth and resources sector and will last until April 29th. Favor investments, financial negotiations and the search for a new source of income. The solar eclipse on August 4th will take place is a good opportunity to shed long-held beliefs or patterns that have prevented you from connecting with your authentic nature and true value. It is an equally good time for healing, personal growth, developing your talents and building your self-esteem. You can easily see the abundance that exists in your life. The Mars-Saturn conjunction in your sign on October 4th. can cause you to doubt your decisions or feel like you are unable to achieve your goals.

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