The book by Tasos Kontogiannidis was published by “Ankyra” publishing house - Wishevoke

The book by Tasos Kontogiannidis was published by “Ankyra” publishing house

The book “Famous Loves” from Tassos Kontogiannidis is freed from “Ankara” editions.

This book presents a collection of intense love relationships that shaped the lives of famous and important people.

Love is one of the strongest emotions that, once it takes hold of people’s souls, seemingly nothing can stand in its way. Regardless of the outcome, every great romantic relationship will always be one of the most important chapters in our lives.

For some, love brought changes for the better, while for others it destroyed them, leading to loss of property, crimes of jealousy, duels and even the loss of their lives.


– Who was the twelve-year-old Greek girl who fell madly in love with the famous Philhellenic poet Lord Byron?
– Who was the great love of the famous “Sleeping Lady of Halepa”?

– Which Greek princess charmed King Farouk of Egypt?
– How did our great poet Kostis Palamas come to dedicate an entire collection of poems to a student?

These are just a few sample love stories that unfold within the pages of… (from the presentation at the back of the book).

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