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“The Canterville Ghost” by Oscar Wilde at the Veaki Theater

1930. The rowdy family of American Ambassador Hiram Outis moves to the quiet English countryside and the infamous Canterville Tower. Along with everything, the walls, the furniture, the gardens, the brave Mr. Oates also acquires the ghost of the house, the old owner Sir Simon Canterville, who is said to have “lived” there for more than two centuries!

The ghost does his best to appear “worthy of his terrible reputation,” but his tricks are as old as time…

Will he succeed in scaring the outies, or will he finally start scaring the “jazzy” American new tenants? What is a ghost if no one is afraid of it? And really, why did he become a ghost? Is it time for peace and light to return to Canterville Tower?

One might expect The Canterville Ghost to be a spooky story. But the wonderful Oscar Wilde, using a clever allegory that clarified the limitations of the fairy tale, wrote an astonishingly humorous short story about the collision of two worlds, the old and the new, that of conservatism and myths and that of free thought and reason. A conflict, each time more or less obvious and intense, but always timeless.

But above all, Oscar Wilde wrote a story about fear and dealing with it, about understanding, forgiveness and second chances, a story that is ultimately about forgiveness that redeems and proves that kindness is the answer to everything!

Seven actors, a full jazz orchestra on stage, will seduce us with physical improvisations, silent film techniques and mysterious atmospheres, in a show with subversive and hilarious humor, a story not to be afraid of!


Translation – theater adaptation: Andri Theodotou, director: Dimitris Degaitis, set design – costumes: Edouardos Georgiou, original music: Nikos Tsekos, choreography – movement: Mariza Tsiga, graphics: Yannis Stylos, photos – video assistant: Patroklos Skafidas – Teresa Palaiologou, director: Thomas Tsaknakis , Assistant Set Designer – Costume Designer: Elli Empedoklis, Video Hair: Chilis Ioannis, Make-up: Nokou Alontra, Contact: Evangelia Skrompola, Production Manager: Anastasia Georgopoulou, Production Assistant: Margarita Kyriakou, Advertising Organization – Group Bookings: Evi Kouremenou , Production: Gerasimos Skafidas ACTORS

Argyro Ananiadou, Giorgos Giannakis, Thanasis Kafentarakis Theodosia Savvakis, Anna Filippakis, Demosthenes Filippas, Usik Khanikian.

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On the children’s stage of the Veakis Theater

Sundays at 12:00 p.m. and daily organized performances for schools

Group reservations, schools: 210.3806274 Evi Kouremenou / ArtCore

Telephone at the box office for single tickets: 210 5223522

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Stournari 32, 11526 Athens

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