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“The Club of Evil” is the new book by Panos Amyras

The Evil Club is the new thing novel signed by Panos Amyras and circulates from Diopter editions.

A few words about the book

August 1939

Secular Athens has become a center of international espionage as the war cries of Nazi Germany echo across Europe. Thanks to a chance event, the young police officer Nikos Agrafiotis takes on his first assignment. Solving the brutal murder of a boxing champion.

Agrafiotis will delve into the dark side of the city and roam the big bars to solve the crime, but he will find that the blood circulation has only just begun. As he investigates notorious locations and luxurious villas, he encounters gamblers, mysterious women, agents and money men in a Greece searching for direction in the face of the fire of World War II.

Together with a jazz diva, he will try to find out the truth and face the monster that grows in the depths of humanity. Nikos Agrafiotis’ first mission. Nikos Agrafiotis also stars in the detective series The Possession Trilogy.

Who is Panos Amyras?
Panos Amyras was born in Athens in 1966 and grew up in Thessaloniki. He studied economics at ASOEE but quickly turned to journalism. He began his career at the financial newspaper Express. In 1994 he moved to the journalistic staff of the Free Press and has been running the newspaper since 2011. He has worked with the television station ANT1 and the radio stations Real Fm, ERA (A’ Program) and City FM. In 2022 he was honored with the Botsi Foundation Journalism Prize. He is married and has two children. Dioptra publishes his books Limousines, Ta Lytra And The kiss in Decemberalways a hero to him Nikos Agrafiotis.

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