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The comedy “Elizadeth” returns after 10 years in the Vault

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary Multispace safe (2012-2022), o Dimitris Karatzias And Manos Antoniadis You upload it again Elizabeth (Best Comedy of the Year, Best Director and Best Actor at the All4fun Audience Awards). A comedy that turns every theory about the theater world on its head.

Leaded by Dimitris Karatzias and music Manou AntoniadisThe Elizabeth is an adaptation of the work “Royals by Dome” from Harry Rome. A crazy comedy and at the same time a biting commentary on the relationships between the actors in a show and the vanity that prevails in the theater world. From Saturday October 22nd, every Saturday and Sunday at 9:15 p.m. until Sunday January 29th.

A few words about the project

Athens 2022. Two years after the outbreak of the health crisis, an actor is asked to gather a group of his unemployed colleagues to announce to them that they will direct Schiller’s “Maria Stewart”. Only he has to reveal to them that the play is being staged in the form of a musical and is actually being “teased” by a frivolous, pushy writer who they all detest and who has found a pro-royal club to finance them. Will she manage to convince them to take part in her “monster” and at what cost? Are pandemic and poverty enough to sell out careers, morals and principles?



What happens when the universe conspires to bring together the world’s “flaws” into one show? When the wrong actors, with the wrong play, at the wrong time, with the wrong director, in the wrong theater, with the wrong sponsor are forced by the pandemic to perform an anecdotal “historical” musical by a random author? Various people are invited to form the troupe, each of whom has their own “parts” and problems. Above all, however, the negative characteristics of theaters predominate. Ambitions, imaginations, pranks, rivalries, jealousies, loves, hates and passions of children.



How can a vain “alternative” director, who tries to improve the weaknesses of the text with novelties and innovations, coexist in the same troupe? A down-and-out theater worker trying in vain to combat his neuroses and alcoholism? A bulimic priestess of art trying to lose the 100 pounds she gained during quarantine and whose libido is skyrocketing? An over-ambitious young Cypriot actress desperate for her first big break in the theater? A near-hysterical former soap opera star angry at being forced to play the silent role in the play? The future ex-soap star’s husband who just wants to appease his wife and open his own pet shop? A talentless musician who steals music and passes it off as his own? But above all a completely incompetent, meddling playwright who constantly infuriates the troupe with her unreasonable demands? A pro-royal “monkey” producer? And finally, a manic smoking theater technician who, in her frenzy of love, decides to stop smoking. Audience members observe and participate in the creation of a performance from beginning to end, even under the most adverse conditions imaginable. And all of this with lots of laughter, stormy rhythms, crazy developments and twists.

Any striking similarity to people and situations is purely coincidental!

ElizaDeth trailer

Author: Haris Romas
Adaptation – Director: Dimitris Karatzias
Original music / arrangement of songs: Manos Antoniadis
Text: Panos Bratakos – Manos Antoniadis
Stage: Michalis Papadopoulos
Costume editing: Team Vault
Maternity wear: Mamaca
Contemporary costumes: Michalis Sdougos
Wigs: Giorgos Nikolaidis, Achilleas Kontovaios
Lighting design / performance photos: Christina Phylaktopoulou
Choreography: Dimitra Kolla
Performance poster: Yiannis Kentrotas
Trailer / Camera: ORKI Productions
Performance program: Capricorn Publications
Contact/Promote the Show: Daisy Lembesi
Assistant director: Alexandra Gaidatzi
Production: VAULT

DISTRIBUTION (in order of publication)
Christina Sampanikou (Jeni Theokleous)
Ornella Luti (Elene Kouri)
Stelios Psaroudakis (Petros Papadopoulos)
Dimitra Kolla (Lydia Leniordou)
Sotiris Doubris (Aris Lymberopoulos)
Kiki Mavridou (Teresa Lebesi)
Panagiotis Delavinias (Elton Lembesis)
Evi Tsafou (Depy Karatzia)
Sotiris Mendzelos (Kostas Malfas)

Performance video: Giorgos Komakis-Christos Konteos

In the video of the performance you can see: Thomas Paliouras, Mara Barola, Sotiris Tachtsoglou, Tzeni Theona, Sylvia Delikoura, Haris Romas, Besy Malfa, Elisavet Konstantinidou, Myrto Alikakis, Giorgos Hraniotis, Athina Economakou, Gerasimos Skiadaresis, Vangelis Vafeidis, Anna Kouri, Panos Vlachos, Katerina Tsavalou, Dimitris Kouroumbalis, Makis Papadimitriou, Angeliki Lambri, Otto Metaxas, Orpheus Avgoustidis, Dimitris Liolios, Petros Lagoutis, Dimitris Nassioulas, Giorgos Kapoutzidis, Maria

From Saturday October 22nd to Sunday January 29th, every Saturday and Sunday at 9:15 p.m

DURATION: 110′ (with a 10′ break)

General admission: 15 euros
Reduced ticket: 12 euros (students / multi-child card holders / disabled people / over 65 years old / unemployment card holders)

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