The dance theater performance by Tassos Bekiaris - Wishevoke

The dance theater performance by Tassos Bekiaris

Saragini: a hybrid word derived from the words boulders And seduction
· The collection of heterogeneous animate and inanimate finds in the construction of the network
· The crowd attracted to something “alluring.”
· The appeal of the slippery surface that determines the massiveness

THE «LOAD Dance Theater» presents them “SARAGINI”, the choreographer’s new choreographic work Tasos Bekiaris from October 8th to November 27th on the new ARROYO stage.

A modern look, a new dance method that focuses on the human experience and the “speaking” body it creates. Six people with different dance backgrounds perform in a surreal dance theater spectacle and converse with the audience in a misty landscape. The words “cage” and “time”, which cause a stir when heard, become a point of contact with existence as such. Bodies that are misappropriated, that voluntarily negate themselves, engage in carnal gambling, and play authoritatively are the stars of a total theatrical performance. Their original faces reproduce a replica of the life they dare to call ME. And the EMEIS?

"SARAGINI" by Tasos Bekiaris – Teaser 2


Conception / choreography / direction: Tasos Bekiaris
Music editing: Tasos Bekiaris

Music composition (last track): Alexandros Mitros

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