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The Eagles are suing the… Hotel California!

The Eagle filed a lawsuit against a Mexican hotel, accusing the owners of using the name “Hotel California”without their permission.

In the lawsuit filed in a California court, the band claims that the owners of the small hotel in Todos Santos give customers the impression that their business is related to their famous title by playing their music in the lounge and selling items that are related to her.

In fact, according to a publication, the hotel’s advertising brochures give rise to a clear suspicion that the texts of the great success are inspired by this small company.

The Eagles claim significant damage to their name and demand the immediate cessation of operations under this name.

The hotel in question has been named Hotel California When it first opened its doors to the public, its brand changed several times over time. It was eventually purchased in 2001 by John and Debbie Stewart, who returned the company to its original name, according to the Eagles.

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