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“The Elef” by Kostas Bostanzoglou at the Contemporary Theater

After the Municipal Theater of Piraeus, the show “The Deer” by Kostas Bostanzoglou, directed by Lefteris Yovanidis, continues at the Contemporary Theater.

“O Elefas” is a bitter comedy, a mercilessly sarcastic drama, a work of contrasts. We see heroes who are incorruptible but cannibals, immoral but moralistic, violent but sensitive. All sad characters who capture a not-too-distant Greek reality. Abusing others has become a habit in their daily lives and a way of survival.


A woman desperately tries to save herself morally, but in the end a desperate act occurs that no one would have expected.

Through an oblique look, Bostanzoglou’s latest work illuminates a dark but real part of Greek society.


“The elephant does not forget, it has a memory and takes revenge for the harm you do to it.” This thought prompts Bostanzoglou’s main heroine to seek redemption. She is a woman trapped in a toxic environment and revenge is the only solution she finds to free herself and stop having nightmares in her sleep, as she tells us. He feels like an elephant who has a memory and takes revenge.

The author uses cruel humor to describe a society that is characterized by racist ideas. The heroes’ half-knowledge leads them to mistakenly believe that they know everything. Domestic violence, lack of moral values ​​and indiscipline to the basic laws of governance are key features of their daily life. They are people who lack aesthetics, who abuse the Greek language without consideration, who do not love beauty, and this inevitably affects the beauty that they carry in their souls. People who have learned to judge and blame, without any mood of self-criticism, in a society where dignity and mutual respect are sick.

For the author, it is no coincidence that a modest lentil bowl and a decorative concrete swan are the symbols of the work. All of us, closed in our microcosm, believe that these attitudes can no longer exist in modern Greek society. And yet the reality is different. They are real and level people’s consciousness in unfathomable ways.



Director: Lefteris Yovanidis
Set design – costumes: Eleni Manolopoulou
Music: Dimitris Roydis
Motion Editing: Alexis Fousekis
Lighting: Alekos Anastasiou
Associate Director: Chrysos Charalambous
Visual Identity: Loukas Ziaras & Christos Kalaitzoglou
Cast: Besy Malfa, Giorgos Giannopoulos, Vangelis Daousis, Stefania Zora.



Synchrono Theatro, 45 Eumolpidon, telephone: 210 3464380

info@sychronoteatro.gr, www.sychronoteatro.gr

Performances: Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 9:00 p.m. & Saturday 6:30 p.m
Ticket prices:
General admission: €18
Student – ​​Reduced – 70+: €14
Imperfections: €8 for playwrights, actors and directors only on weekdays subject to availability.
Pre sales: https://www.more.com/theater/o-elefas-i-sygxrono-theater/

Performance duration: 80 minutes

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