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The first children’s book by Irini Georgia Galani

A touching story that touches the hearts of young and old about Alzheimer’s disease. A fairy tale based on real people, through the author’s memory box. The book strengthens children’s emotional intelligence and helps them learn and talk about Alzheimer’s.

From the perspective of the young protagonist, the story is written in an extremely tender tone and sees her grandfather slowly forgetting and disappearing. Through small everyday things, the heroine and through her the author show children how they can be useful and how we can improve the lives of older people through play and spontaneity. It’s a great read that will get young and old thinking and talking.

The book is suitable for preschool and elementary school children.


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“My grandfather sometimes confuses my name with my mother’s and I don’t understand why he does that… Dad doesn’t let him drive anymore and when we cook he forgets whether he put garlic or onions in it. How strange! Grandpa, don’t worry about anything, I will be here to remind you of everything!”

A touching story about older people’s Alzheimer’s awareness story. It helps develop children’s emotional intelligence.


Irini Georgia Galani lives in Athens but comes from the wonderful drama. She is a civil servant and accredited trainer at the Life Coaching Department of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens (EKPA). This story is her first literary work and is about growing up next to a wonderful grandfather with Alzheimer’s. People with dementia may not always remember us, but we remember, and that is enough.

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