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The graphic novel “White Bird” on the big screen

From the author of the bestselling “Miracle” RJ Palacio, a book that sparked the “Choose Kindness” movement, comes the inspiring next chapter: the graphic novel “White Bird” comes to the big screen.

In “The White Bird” RJ Palacio tells the shocking story of young Julian – who we met in “Miracle” as the biggest bully at Augie Pullman’s school. Julian has to write a school paper about the story of a man he knows, so he asks his grandmother Granmer to tell him hers – and this story will be a revelation to us all.

As Granmer (Oscar winner Helen Mirren) tells her troubled grandson Julian (Bryce Gheisar, reprising his role from Marvel), her own idyllic prewar life as a young woman was destroyed by the Nazi occupation of her village in France and her classmates once shunned, becomes her savior and best friend. On the occasion of its film adaptation, The White Bird appears with a renewed cover. Find out more about the book.


Directed by Marc Forster from a script by Mark Bomback. In addition to Helen Mirren, we meet Ariella Glaser, Orlando Schwerdt, Bryce Gheisar and Gillian Anderson in the main roles. The film will be released in cinemas on January 11th by Spentzos Film. Check out the trailer:



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