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The Greek scene writes about the Ramones

On the occasion of the live tribute A Night For The Ramones – organized by the newly founded band Ramone’s Greek Fan Club– what will take place Saturday, January 17th At Kyttaro Live we asked the fifteen participating bands to write a few words about the legendary New York punk rockers and highlight their favorite songs.

One night for the Ramones @ Kyttaros, January 17, 2015

Of course, some were mentioned in more than one song, highlighting a particular album, while for those who were lucky enough to attend one of the Ramones’ legendary live performances in our country, it was almost a given that they would relate to the experience based . Let’s see what they told us, or to get in the Ramones mood, hey ho, let’s go!

Bandage: The Ramones combined the punk sound of the era with super melodic vocals and the “Uh oh, I love her so much.” It was her first song that made us highlight her for this reason. They were basically the band that invented pop punk.

Brain drain: The will and fight for survival is something that defines The Ramones both as a band and as individuals and is expressed in many ways in their songs. The belief in a better future and the determination to achieve it despite the difficulties are perhaps more clearly expressed than anywhere else in the world “Believe in miracles”making it one of the Ramones’ most iconic tracks.

Cyclothymia: We separate it “I do not care” For the very simple reason that in its form, so simple in the musical and lyrical part, it remains a fundamental song of punk rock. It emotionally and ideologically reflects the outbreak of nihilism against seriousness, rationality and hypocrisy. This attitude is not self-destructive, on the contrary, it represents prosperity and truth, it stays away from pseudo-moral dilemmas and impression games while remaining pure in its intentions and feelings. And it was the Ramones who didn’t give a damn and remained loyal and forever teenagers, with the spring reaction that kept them on their toes and earned them a rightful place in our hearts.

The Ramones

Dead drinks: One reason why we love playing it “Glad to see you go.” It’s on “Leave Home,” our favorite Ramones record (if we had to choose one!). Also making it personal is the fact that one of us was once unlucky enough to get involved with a girl who didn’t like the Ramones at all, so the song speaks for itself. I’m glad you’re going, go, go, goodbye!

Grinding stones: When they offered us to take part in the live show, we accepted without really thinking about the challenge, as it would require us to musically approach a band that, on the one hand, was quite far from our style, and on the other hand, we had it not done I haven’t heard much other than the basics. Working out their often “Denekeden” music and jamming to the melody, e.g. B. from “Pet Cemetery”brought back youthful memories (because we’re 90s kids too) of favorite B-movies, of rehearsing in basements with paddle instruments, of friends’ mixtapes melting away on trips and road trips, and of his nostalgic ass back then .

Jumpin’ Bones: One of the things that The Ramones have proven to the music world (once again) is that you don’t have to be a “professional” musician with perfect “technique” to write good music. Music is expression and in many cases it is sufficient or even better to express yourself minimally. Your arrangement in “Surfing Bird” is typical of the band’s entire philosophy: They have managed to simplify these old rhythm ‘n’ blues compositions even more elegantly, even more so than the unique rockers The Trashmen. This is the essence of punk rock, one of the musical genres we loved as children!

The Ramones

Little Star Company: Romance in “She speaks to rainbows” and at the same time an unnecessary feeling of loss “Life is a gas”. The definition of straightness and directness “I wanna Be Your Boyfriend”cynical, but also wild “Today your love, tomorrow the world”. Everything speaks directly to the heart. These are the Ramones: our friends, our brothers Joey, Dee Dee.

Mickey Pantelous: I choose it “Now I want to sniff some glue” Because it reminded me of my teenage years when I had nothing better to do than sniff gasoline cleaner. A huge waste both in terms of muscles and time and in terms of brain cells.

Mr Highway Band: The message of the Ramones and the punk rock mentality is expressed in just three words: “I want to live”. Far from over-analysis and ideological-political endorsements, which in many other cases have proven to be false and hypocritical, the will and passion for life is expressed clearly and in the most direct way!

Nicotine stain (Kostis V): It was the second time the Ramones appeared on the record Rodon Live, the place where many of us were nurtured musically. Without Dee Dee, but with their minds in the mixer, the four Ramones took the stage and played a set without tomorrow. I was pinned outside the bar. The performance begins and my memory stops somewhere. At one point, Johnny dropped a few pennies (he played white bass guitars labeled “Ramones”). The concert was over, but one of the pennies was still missing. A bunch of people over there looking for time but can’t find anything. I looked behind her a little and said that “they can’t have found her yet.” Nevertheless, I shyly went to check. I see a man in a completely sweaty shirt looking at the ground and searching. The pen was stuck to his back. I took them and went…

The Ramones

Roman Panx (Frank Panx): The Ramones was the first punk rock song I heard when I was 16 “Seena is a punk rocker”, sometime in early 1977. In two minutes it changed not only my musical direction, but also my way of life and expression. I had already lived in a darker world since the years of the junta, and when I found myself in this new musical environment, it felt familiar and fit perfectly with the images I already had in my mind. There were other castaways, I thought, and immediately created my new virtual family of people with parallel lives.

Because of the friendly relationship I had with Joey, all three Panx Romana concerts were with Ramones Rodon in 1993. There they spread out their huge laundry, I mean the Ramones logo banner. At some point we dared to plant our own flag on Marky’s drums. “3 Chords Are Enough, It’ll Be The Ramones Forever,” says a song from Panx Romana’s new album.

dime novel: We decided almost simultaneously, all four of us, within seconds. The “Poison Heart” It’s loud and dark at the same time, like the music we like to listen to and write with Penny Dreadful. It also breaks the “Hey Ho, Let’s Go” logic, which doesn’t sit well with us. “Poison Heart” has a mysterious charm, which probably came from our idea – namely the memory of some of our teenage parties. But perhaps it’s because of the “terrible” story of the song itself: it’s one of three tracks that Dee Dee Ramone gave to the Ramones in return for the bail his former band paid to get him out of prison.. .

The Ramones

Seeds of the Sun: “Mondo Bizarro” is our favorite Ramones album since we are 90s fan kids. “To Cabbies On Crack” beyond his broken energy, he speaks of a journey into madness. New York, chaos, yellow taxis, Athens one of them. Madness everywhere. As far as “Outsider”beyond the wonderful melodies, speaks to our soul: “I’m an outsider outside of everything, everything you know, it bothers me so much.”.

Snails (Dimitris): 1993 and the Ramones appear Rodon. When I was fourteen, I came from the country to see my teenage idols. My brother, then a student in Athens, took out the magic cards. Rodon is full and people outside are waiting for the doors to open. The support band comes out and I remember asking who was singing. My brother shows me the drummer. Argy was still playing drums in Nightstalker at this time. Rodon’s stage fills with smoke. Ennio Morricone’s well-known theme from “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” plays from the speakers. Four figures take their place in the smoke and Rodon trembles! “Durango 95”, “Teenage Lobotomy”, “Psycho Therapy”… Dee Dee has been out of the band for some time and the peppy CJ has taken his place. Her energy is incredible. Joey hits the monitors with his microphone stand, Johnny lets his Danelectro sigh, and Marky plays faster than his shadow. 40 pieces in 1 hour and 5 minutes! The live ends episodically with a shower of people outside, a burned bus stop, and the appearance of Matt. After that, my neck hurt for about a week and the stories I had to tell those around me were enough to take me through the year. I was never much into math, but the Ramones at least taught me to count exactly where it was needed… i.e. 1-2-3-4!

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