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The hard truth about the Papathemelis law

The Hard Truth About Universal Law

An audio documentary by Aris Dimokides about the crazy time when nightclub opening times sparked the “party revolution”.

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The audio documentaries by Aris Dimokides and the website Mikropragmata LIFO.

Crimes that shocked Greece from the 19th century to the present day.

Aris Dimokidis investigates interesting cases sealed by lies and deceit.

The events, people and habits that shaped Athens.

LiFO’s podcast series, which provides a platform for prominent figures in the scientific community.

Sex diaries, uncensored. With Alex Manos

Nikos Bakunakis talks to his guests about the books that have shaped them

The diaries of the great Greek poet in podcast format.

LiFO.GR’s short series of audio documentaries

Konstantina Voulgari does not try to find answers, but rather to initiate discussions and questions around topics such as identity, Greekness and mass culture.

Cinematic images that changed the lives of those around us

On the occasion of Maria Callas’ 100th birthday, the National Opera and LIFO present a series of four-part podcasts about the greatest lyrical singer of the 20th century.

Reports and discussions on political and social issues

Podcasts from the LIFO creative team on the topics covered.

Yro Koliakoudaki Dip WSET answers Panagiotis Orfanidis’ questions about wine simply and with humor.

LIFO articles with audio for those who don’t have time to read them.

LiFO’s bibliophile community now also in podcasts.

Stathis Tsagarousianos on a range of different topics

A series of audio documentaries that take us into the climate of the dictatorship era in Greece through the arts, thoughts and memories of the people who resisted. By Konstantina Voulgari

An audio documentary by Konstantina Voulgari with elements of political thriller, espionage and police drama in the middle of the civil war.

Christina Galanopoulou discusses the myths and truths of feminism – from the most naive questions to the biggest taboos – in a world that is changing for everyone, but not so much for women.

Lifo editors comment on new films, television series, books, plays, art exhibitions and more.

LIFO film critic Theodoris Koutsoyiannopoulos’ weekly podcast

Literally valuable works in new LIFO recordings and rediscovered audio documents.

Chrysella Lagaria and Thodoris Tsatsos teach us everything we don’t know about disability.

A series of audio documents from and about the Elefsis European Capital of Culture 2023: the history of Elefsina, the artistic actions that “marked” the event, the people who took part, the heritage in the city.

Behind the great works of symphonic music that the Athens State Orchestra performs in the Megaron lie many interesting, funny and even tragic stories. With Matoula Kousteni.

Vana Kravaris and Giorgos Tsagozis welcome their guests and ask them the audience’s questions about what they wanted to know but never had the opportunity to ask.

The secret life of plants.

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