The heart of an entire generation beats in the Vafeio Theater - Wishevoke

The heart of an entire generation beats in the Vafeio Theater

Perhaps the most relevant work of our generation, for the second time in a row Vafio Theater – Lakis Karalis.

After the excellent reviews that the play and the show received, as well as the great response from the audience with continuously sold out pieces, The obedient one or reunion will be going on for the second time starting Saturday, November 4th!

The heroes of the piece – all born in 1974 – are a generation that has been moving forward closely “chained” to the course of the country for thirty years, struggling to put their own stamp on history, without being able to clearly see who it is . Without an ideological background, with outdated ideals, without any belief in a better future, the heroes face themselves and their fellow human beings and search for an answer to the difficult question: What will we leave behind…?

Case of the project:

A group of old classmates are invited to Arachova for a reunion to celebrate the New Year. Now 45, they pack their “school bags” again and prepare to party “like they did back then,” trying to find the thread that connects them to their youth and becoming carefree teenagers again for just three days.

The trailer of the show

"The obedient one or reunion" at the Vafio Theater

Identity of the show

Text: Anna Etiaridou

Director: Kostas Delakouras

Performing (in alphabetical order): Dimitris Antoniadis, Kostas Delakouras, Anna Etiaridou, Irini Evagelatou, Simos Kyparissopoulos, Yiannis Michalopoulos, Christina Morogianni, Gianna Papanikolaou.
Music: Manolis Boniatis
Lighting: Savvas Sourmelidis

Photos: Manos Georgiou
Assistant director: Aliki Kalivokas
Poster design: Anna Ploumidou
Production: Plani Group

Theater “Dyery – Lakis Karalis”
Agios Oros 16 & Konstantinoupoleos 115, Keramikos
Metro stop: Keramikos
Reservation telephone: 210 3425637
Premiere: Saturday, November 4, 2023
Performance days: Every Saturday at 9:00 p.m. & Sunday at 8:00 p.m. Performance duration: 120′
Entrance fees: €17 (standard entry) €12 (reduced)

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