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The Horrorant Film Festival hosts legendary Italian horror director Lamberto Bava

The Horrorant Film Festival announces the 3 films by Lamberto Bava in the presence of the director.

The legendary Italian horror director, Lamberto Bava, will be among us at the Horrorant Film Festival. Three of his most important films will be shown as part of the festival and offer us the unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in his dark world.

Ston April 26th, 27th and 28th, Lamberto Bava will be present in our company at Horrorant during the screenings of his films. Horror fans have the opportunity to enjoy the films “Macabre” (1980), “A Blade in the Dark” (1983) and “Demons” (1985) and get to know Bava up close.

A few words about the films that will be shown:

Macabre (1980)

A woman haunted by the recent death of her adulterous lover moves into a room in New Orleans, where suspicions arise about her love life, which may include the continuation of her relationship with her lover as a corpse in a refrigerator.

The big brothers Antonio and Pupi Avati write this macabre script and chose as director the young Lamberto Bava for his debut after traveling for miles as an assistant to great creators such as Dario Argento and his father Mario Bava. The result is one of the darkest giallos the Italian horror industry has ever given us.

A Blade in the Dark (1983)

A horror soundtrack composer held in a Tuscan villa for inspiration for his new song is targeted by a serial killer because the composer’s tunes may hold the secret to his identity

from. When legendary producer Mino Loy approached Lamberto Bava to produce a “Giallo” for Italian television, he did not expect the director to deliver such a violent film, which would end up being released in theaters and on video and the fame that followed made it inevitable. It is one of the most popular releases in the genre.

Demons (1985)

In dark but charming 1980s Berlin, invitations are handed out to show a mysterious film, but when the lights go out and the doors close, the cinema is attacked by demonic zombies. Based on a story by the great Dardano Sacchetti and with horror master Dario Argento as producer, now veteran creator Lamberto Bava creates one of the biggest commercial hits in Italian horror, accompanied by Claudio Simonetti’s dynamic soundtrack.

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