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“The House by the River”

“The House by the River”, her unsurpassed and always current novel Lena Manda which was published by Psychogios Publications in May 2012 and loved by thousands of readers, is rising this year Coronet Theaterwith the Marianna Toumasatouhim George YiannopoulosThe Nelli Gini and that Spyros Ioannou in the main roles, direction Irene Iakovou.

A human, subversive and moving story that illuminates fragile individual and family relationships. Extreme passions, love and emotions coexist in a stage play full of surprises and twists, through a confessional stream and the dynamic personalities of its protagonists.

With “The House by the River,” Lena Manda weaves together the social physiognomy of rural areas in the 1960s, evoking memories of those years and at the same time revealing elements on which many of the “bad texts” of today’s reality were based.

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“The House by the River” by Lena Manda at the Coronet Theater

Lena Manda writes about The House by the River: “Don’t let the calmness of the title fool you, because a river is always unpredictable and you never know where it will take you!”
Director Irini Iakovou notes: “My main concern is to capture the emotional vibration of Ms. Lena Manda’s book, with the aim of fulfilling the inner, unique expectations of each reader.”

The original music and songs are his Thomas Karahaliou and their choreographies Galini’s Gyrtatou.

Project case

Melissanthi, Iulia, Aspasia, Polyxeni and Magdaleni grow up with their mother in a village on Mount Olympus by the river. All five want a life away from their fatherland. And they will succeed! Fate will send them to the four points of the horizon and thus make the dream come true. But sometimes dreams turn into nightmares that haunt and haunt… Five women, five shocking lives, full of love and twists, as the house by the river patiently waits for what will happen!

They play

Marianna Toumasatou, George Giannopoulos, Nelli Gini, Spyros Ioannou, Kostas Karamousalis, Stelios Karageorgiou, Nefeli Papaderou, Ioanna Pavlidou, Stavroula Kamni, Katerina Pyrini, Nefeli Stamouli

Performance ID
Author: Lena Manda
Director: Irini Iacovou

Music: Thomas Karahalios
Set design: David Negrin
Costume designer: Ismini Charistidis
Application: Galini Gyrtatou
Assistant director: Spyros Ioannou
Set design assistants: Anastasia Karoussi, Xenia Kouvela
Photos & promo video: Thomas Palivos
Production: Performing Arts and Entertainment Ltd

The information
“The House by the River”
Coronet Theater
Address: Phrynis 11, Athens
Parking: Spectators of the CORONET Theater can park their cars in the parking lot next to the theater, with access from ASPASIAS Street 5 (Athens Millenium Shopping Center), at the preferential rate of €5.00 for the duration of their stay. (By presenting the ticket)

Show days and times
Wednesday and Sunday 7:00 p.m
Thursday & Friday 8:30 p.m
Saturday 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m

Ticket prices
Zone A €25 / Student, Disabled, Unemployed €20
B zone €21 / student, disabled, unemployed €17
C zone 17 € / student, disabled, unemployed 15 €

Tickets for the show Pre-sold:

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