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“The Keller at 12 Iras Street” is the new book by Paschalia Travlou

Ther new book Paschalia’s Travlou with title “The basement at 12 Iras Street will be published by “diopter” on May 24th.Here is the description of the novel

“It’s hard to be a woman. And if your intestines growl involuntarily, it doesn’t matter.

Talk about it with your heart and mind. And don’t you dare commit murder and go to hell if you think there is no other solution.

We are angel makers, you say. We send angels to heaven so that they will not live in the hell of this world.”

This is what the notebook of Pagona, the dead midwife of Paradisos, from the village where Anthi, the daughter of the clever Papa-Drosos, grew up in the 60s.

From this heirloom and from Lula the whore, she turned desperately for help to save herself from the dilemma in which she was unwittingly trapped.

Thanks to the knowledge of the nun Hyakinthis and the self-sacrifice of the teacher Stratis Klonaridis, the heroine unexpectedly finds her climax in the monastery of Agia Lehousa.

Since then, she has been fighting in the basement of 12 Iras Street for women’s right to determine their own hearts and bodies.

Only she is tormented by the primal doubt as to whether she is a murderer or… an angel maker, whether self-determination and freedom are a sin or a right.

A book that proves that woman is the comma, the period and the exclamation point in every meaning of life.

The woman is not just an addition to the man’s life, something like an appendix in a text.

It is the comma, the period and the exclamation mark in the creation of the Almighty.

And if it ends up in the wrong place, the meaning of this world is lost.”

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